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11 Month Favorites

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It is hard to imagine that we are now less than one month away from Ada’s first birthday. It is amazing how fast time has flown by. So before we get to her first birthday, here are our 11 month favorites!

11 Month Favorites

  1. Simba Travel Containers – I have been looking for travel food containers for a while. I thought about getting the Zoli travel containers, but at $20 it was a little pricey. The Simba is only $9 and it is large enough to fit bigger snacks. And I love that it can hold formula, too. The formula dispenser I had before, I had to beat the formula out of it! Now it is smooth sailing when it comes to making a bottle.
  2. Oxo Bib – I love the idea of a silicone bib, with the food catcher at the bottom. But Ada has always struggled getting her little arms around it and grabbing her food. This bib has a soft top so it is easier for her to move around it and we can catch all her food. Win, win!
  3. Joovy Walker – I know that research says that a walker delays walking, but my daughter is already delayed, so we got her one on Craigslist. I love this walker because there is a nice, big, blank tray instead of a tray with all kinds of toys in her face. She loves moving around while looking at her books and it is nice to leave her sippy cup and snacks on the tray, too. She hasn’t figured out how to move forwards yet, but she can move backwards. And any kind of workout for her legs, I think, is a good thing at this point.
  4. Tote – We have officially outgrown our diaper bag. Carrying bottles, formula, snacks, bibs, utensils, toys, blankets, diapers, wipes, sunscreen, etc – the diaper bag was no longer big enough. I found this large tote at Target and it has worked very well for us. I use Sugar Snap Files, to help keep everything organize.
  5. Sleeper – I found some awesome sleepers at Primary.com. I love them because they button all the way down on both sides (couldn’t find an accurate pic) and they are not snug fit. Most larger sleepers are snug fit, which are not comfortable for Ada’s cute, chubby thighs. And they are super soft, so these sleepers are perfect!
  6. Book – This is Ada’s favorite book right now. She loves the flaps and the different sounds. Her favorite sound is the sheep, she plays that one over and over and imitates it. It is adorable!


I hope you ya’ll have a wonderful weekend! I am off to plan Ada’s first birthday! I am so excited to throw her a party!

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