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11 Months

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I can’t believe that I am writing an 11 month blog post already!! Just one month away from her first birthday. Seriously, how did this happen?!?! Although, the time has flown by, I really have enjoyed every second of watching Ada grow. This past month she seems to have grown up so much. She is learning something new every day and I just stand back in amazement at how fast she learns.


Even though Ada isn’t mobile yet, I feel like she is getting so close. We have been doing exercises this week to help her build muscles for crawling. More than anything I feel like she just needs confidence because all the strength she needs to crawl is there. She can hold herself in the crawling position for a long time and kind of rocks back and forth. Because she is learning this “new skill”, I believe we have entered another sleep regression this week. She has been getting up every night now for about a week and is awake for 2-3 hours. It seems like all she wants to do is play and eat.


Although, getting up every night could be from teething. She has two bottom teeth and her upper gums are super swollen. I believe she is working on her eye teeth. It wouldn’t surprise me if she had at least one eye tooth before her first birthday. Wouldn’t that make for some cute photos? 😉


Her vocabulary is quite impressive. She has become our little parrot and will try to repeat everything that we say. She can say about 8 words, consistently now: mama, dada, dog, star, bath, no, kitty and duck. And she has just learned to wave and say hey. She definitely has a princess wave. It is this sweet, dainty little wave, which she loves to do in the shopping cart at people in the grocery store. And the people love it! I get stopped at least three times in the grocery store because of this sweet baby, princess waving and smiling. And when the strangers come up to talk to her, she gives them this adorable shy, little smile. Man, she is good! Randy and I are going to be in some serious trouble with this one!


Her eating habits, as always, are excellent. I have noticed that her appetite has decreased a bit. She seems to want a bottle more than solids right now. I assume it is from teething. When she eats, she will hold her cheek, like she has a toothache. Poor thing! Hopefully, this will past quickly. I am looking forward to giving her peanut butter for the first time next month! I can’t wait to see how she reacts to it!


Ada has developed this sweet, silly personality. She loves having our full attention and will scream at you in order to get it. Or do something silly, like make a fun face or clap her hands. She still loves music and claps, sings, and dances every time she hears it. She makes the silliest faces, which I believe she got from her mama. I will have to find some of my baby photos to show you. She loves being silly and making us laugh.





Ada loves being outside and will cry a little when we go back inside. She also associates going outside to seeing our dog. When we start going outside, she will say dog, over and over again. She enjoys riding in the hiking backpack, so we have been taking walks with her as much as we can.







We love you sweet Ada Marie! You are our sunshine and we couldn’t be more in love with you. We love watching you grow up, you get sweeter and sillier everyday. We are so very blessed!

11 months down, first birthday is right around the corner! Can’t wait to share her first birthday party with you all! It is going to be so much fun! Happy Friday!



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