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Things I’m FALL-ing in Love with

I believe fall is right around the corner! The mornings are cool and foggy. The afternoons are warm but not too hot with a nice cool breeze. *Picture me jumping up and down in excitement!*

I love everything about fall every year but this year I am loving all the fall fashion! My favorite color paletteΒ is the jewel palette. The blues, purples, yellows and greens… *sigh* They are all so beautiful!

1. I just got this scarf in the mail today! I think it is even prettier in person! I can’t wait for cooler weather! You will be seeing me in this scarf in the future very, very often! πŸ™‚

mustard scarf

2. This dress is the most comfortable, flattering dress I have ever put on! And the color is fantastic! And not only does it look and feel good, it is practical. It wicks and doesn’t wrinkle! (This is my new travel dress!) It also has thumb holes – I love thumb holes! And pockets! (I mean, this dress has everything, right?) I will be wearing my new scarf with this dress for sure! I love the combo of plum and mustard!


3. And to match this dress I found this beautiful nail polish! It is almost the exact color of the dress!


4. And the smells of fall are the best! Bath and Body Works has some of the best scents for fall. My absolute favorite is marshmallow fireside. Randy hates it but I can’t live with out! And to top it all off, Bath and Body Works just got in a maple leaf wall flower! AHH! I am in love! I didn’t even think twice about it when I saw it! I just bought it!

I hope everyone is having a fantastic week! Happy Hump Day!

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Our Weekend

Ever have those days that everything you try to cook doesn’t seem to turn out the way you expected? Well, that happened to me Thursday night. I made some homemade caramel dipping sauce to give as birthday presents to some co-workers. I wish I had tried the caramel sauce before I gave it to them. It didn’t taste bad, it tasted good… just didn’t taste like caramel. It tasted more like butter and honey… oops. I didn’t try it till Saturday night.

Note to self: taste new recipes before giving as birthday gifts to people!

Saturday we had a shopping for Randy/date day. We had lunch at Red Lobster (can’t remember the last time I had Red Lobster!) Randy wanted their endless shrimp… wish granted! πŸ™‚


Their margaritas were pretty big. I am glad that we shared one! (I feel like Lady and the Tramp in this photo! I love it!)

Then we went clothes shopping for Randy. I have to drag him to the mall (or any store for that matter) to go shopping for him. He usually goes kicking and screaming! Hence, the margarita beforehand! πŸ˜‰ We finally got Randy some real, big boy suits. You know, ones that actually fit him! I am so excited to get them back (they are being tailored right now)! He looks amazing in them!


Today I tried something new for lunch/dinner. I usually try to steer away from Chinese food. The last time I made Chinese food, it was not edible. It was when we were first married and I had not found a job yet. So I was home a lot watching the cooking channel. I saw a chef make some sesame chicken and I thought; “I can make that!” Boy, was I wrong! The chicken turned out to be huge balls of grease/oil. It was so disgusting! Randy and I could not eat it. We threw every bit of it away!

Ever since then I have been terrified to try any Chinese recipes. But I thought I would give it one more try. I made chicken fried rice. And it actually turned out really well. I did have some trouble making it. Mostly because I was trying to make multiple things at the same time (not a very good multi-tasker in the kitchen!) I ended up making a terrible mess! I accidentally let things boil over (and not just water – soy sauce and sugar mixture… I am still cleaning this mess) and rice got stuck to the bottom of the pot. At the end, it finally came together and made a pretty nice meal. It was 3:00 pm by the time I had lunch ready… regardless, it was pretty good!


So that was our weekend. Pretty low key but pleasant as always! Hope everyone had a great weekend!


Apple Season Is Here!

Yay! Apple season has arrived! We went to Sky Top Orchard to get honeycrisp apples. They are our favorite and there is only about a 3 week window to get them. They sell out so quickly!

Randy and I at Skytop 2Randy and I at Skytop

We got a bushel of apples to make apple sauce. Making apple sauce is an ALL day thing but it makes the house smell amazing! I give the apples a vinegar bath first. I know how much pesticides goes on these apples! Yikes! But the vinegar bath is suppose to help a little bit.

We got this gadget at an apple orchard last year. It is so handy! It peels, cores and slices the apple all at once! Makes everything so much easier!

peeling apples

Then we let the apples cook. all. day. long. This is the part that makes the house smell so great!

Then we can the apple sauce and you are left with one happy Randy! πŸ™‚


Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! And Happy Hump Day!


Our Weekend in Pictures

So last weekend Randy’s dad came up to visit. We decided to go on one of our favorite hikes, Black Balsam Knob. We got up at 4 in the morning to see the sunrise. It was so early! But worth it!



sunrise 2

The fog was so beautiful. The sun was such a dark orange color. These pictures just don’t do it justice! Black Balsam is our favorite because of the 360 degree view. Unfortunately, the weather didn’t quite corporate with us. But it was still nice and fun to be up there.



Our traditional feet picture!



randy hiking


black balsam knob

Still a pretty nice view, even though it was cloudy.


We were the only ones up there… maybe because it was 7 am… πŸ™‚



Very deep trail. Some parts were waist deep on me.


My favorite picture of Randy’s dad. I know, they look like twins! Pretty freaky, uh?


See how the weather was? Made for some pretty cool pictures though.

hiking boot

We ended our hike at Looking Glass Falls.



(It is much bigger in real life… FYI. πŸ™‚ )

happy camper

And to end our day… Octoberfest. *sigh* Perfect! πŸ™‚

Sunday I made egg sandwiches and lemon raspberry muffins for breakfast.



The muffins were delicious! They took a little bit longer than I thought it would to make; but they were great. I got the recipe here: http://bakingdom.com/2013/04/lemon-glazed-raspberry-lemon-muffins.html

Well, that was our weekend. Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend as well.

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Busy, Busy Bees

So Randy and I have been so busy! This week has been lots of work both at home and at the office. But we have had some great times!

Last Saturday Randy and I didn’t feel so great; so we stayed home, cleaned and relaxed. Sunday we went to church and then after church, we had a picnic. Well… sorta… the ground is still soaking wet. So we ate on our back porch! Close enough, right?! πŸ˜‰


We had some awesome B.L.T.s. Fresh tomatoes, fried green tomatoes, lettuce, bacon and some thousand island dressing. Randy had a sandwich similar to this on our honeymoon. He calls it “The Charleston BLT”. And I made some peach lemonade! Which was fresh peaches pureed and some lemonade.

(I think I am going to wrap all our sandwiches in parchment paper and tied with baker’s twine from now on! Just kidding… but seriously… aren’t they adorable?!)


Then for dessert we had s’mores in a jar! It was wonderful! Probably the best dessert I have ever made! Here is the recipe:



Monday night we had our Life Group over for game night. We had pizza, salad, beer, the perfect chocolate cake and twister!


And before anyone panics… no the gun was not loaded and of course, we kept it away from the kiddos! The boys just talked about guns for half an hour and the girls talked about clothes, shoes, jewelry, etc.

And the Allens brought us some beautiful sunflowers from their yard.


Gorgeous, right? I need to plant some flowers like these in my yard pronto!

So that has been our last couple of days! Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and I hope you are enjoying your week. Remember, its Hump Day! πŸ™‚