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Two and Three Months Favorites

It is amazing to watch your little one grow. One minute you are holding a tiny, snuggly bundle to a interactive, funny baby. I love watching Ada take in her world. Her eyes light up at just about everything, especially when people talk to her. And she is sitting up and getting better at it daily. I have mixed feelings about her getting older – a part of me wants her to stay little forever and the other part of me is excited to see the next stage. But mostly, I wish time would slow so I could enjoy each stage for longer… but I am sure I will not be wishing that by the time potty training comes along!

PicMonkey Collage

Aveeno Baby Creamy Wash – Ada has very dry sky and this wash seems to help out a little bit. I also use the Aveeno lotion to help battle this dry skin. Any suggestions on how to cure dry skin on a baby? And Aveeno products smell really good, not like baby powder (which I do not like). I love using this wash because Ada smells amazing for a long time. Ada, on the other hand, can’t stand bath time. I’m hoping that will improve with time.

Burp Cloths – Both Ada and I love these burp cloths. They are expensive, but they seem to be the only ones Ada doesn’t mind for me to use on her all day every day. She has started to drool now, so I am constantly rubbing her face. Not only are they really soft, they are also absorbent for those surprise spit up moments.

Mother’s Milk Tea – This stuff taste like licorice, which I hate, but it has helped with my milk supply. So I just put a good amount of honey in the tea and gulp it down.

Book – Ada enjoys this book very much. I keep it with us all around the house – from tummy time (which she still hates), to sit up/play time and for when I need to lay her down in her pack-n-play for a moment. It unfolds like an accordion so it can lay on the ground for tummy time or lean up against the inside of a crib.

Peacock – This is Ada’s favorite toy right now. Her eyes get huge when I place it in front of her and she starts kicking like crazy. I also keep this toy with us all day; especially in the car. This company really knows what babies like, because I have a cloth book of their’s and Ada loves that as well. I’m thinking about getting her some more toys from this company for Christmas!

I hope this has helped some new moms out. I am, by no means, an expert. But I love reading advice from other mommy bloggers so I hope this has helped you out!


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Three Months

Happy 3 months little Ada! I know I have already said that time is flying by… but seriously; where is the time going?! I remember thinking that by the time three months had arrived, this whole parenthood thing would be easier. And in a way that is true. We have gotten into a rhythm with Ada, but at the same time, it is still daunting to complete simple tasks that we were able to do before (like cook dinner!).


Ada has grown and changed so much these past 3 months! She smiles, laughs and interacts with her world more than ever. She loves it when we dance around and act all silly around her. She lights up every time Randy walks in the room. She enjoys me holding her and walking around the house to let her look around. And she loves to look at books and is grabbing and holding onto toys now.


Her laugh is probably the greatest sound I have ever heard and I’ll do anything to get her to laugh! She sits up well now, with assistance of course. But she absolutely hates tummy time. She will scream bloody murder until I pick her up. So we have been focusing on sitting up for now. Maybe she will enjoy tummy time later.



Her absolute favorite activity is trying to talk to us. She coos, gurgles, smiles, laughs and makes bubbles all day long. They truly are the sweetest noises and I look forward to our morning conversations every day.


We love you Ada and we couldn’t imagine life without you! Happy 3 months!

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Our Weekend in Pictures

This past weekend we had beautiful fall weather – crisp cool air and clear blue skies. My family came up to visit and we just had a relaxing weekend with Ada. But we did get out of the house and enjoyed an Oktoberfest at the Sierra Nevada brewery.

I am glad that my brother came up, because I was finally able to get these photos! And a good thing too, this shirt will not fit Ada for much longer. This shirt was one of the very first things I bought when I found out I was pregnant.

Ada is so blessed with awesome people in her life that love her! And those cheeks! I just want to kiss those chubby cheeks all the time!

Ada has really started to interact with her environment here lately. She is in love with this peacock and she smiles and looks at everything. I love watching her take in the world.

But the best thing that happened this weekend was that Ada had her first laugh! It was the sweetest sound ever! I was sitting in the back of the car with her and I was being silly, dancing around and she laughed at me. And being the emotional first time mom that I am, I definitely cried.


I had a great weekend with my family and Ada did too! It is so great that my family can come up and visit Ada often; to be around as she grows up.

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and I can not wait! Some very dear friends of ours are coming up to meet Ada for the first time! I’m so excited!

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Life Lately

I feel like life is moving in fast forward ever since Ada was born. One moment I am bringing home a tiny newborn and the next my little one is interacting with me. She talks and smiles all the day long! I’m the luckiest mama ever. Ada is usually pretty happy, unless she is hungry, then she can go from very happy to Jack Jack (from the movie, The Incredibles) scary in a matter of seconds. But I just love this new life as a mom!

I just love these two! Isn’t her smile the sweetest?!


This past weekend was the first time I left Ada for a few hours. It was hard at first, but it was lovely to get a little break from being a mom. I went out with my mom and sister in law and had a wonderful night on the town!


We enjoyed a nice Thai dinner (which Randy hates) and we finished the night with the best hot chocolate in town. It was a nice break from staying home all the time. It was wonderful to wear normal clothes and put makeup on for once! 😉

Even though it was great getting out of the house, the best part of my night was coming home to snuggle with this little girl.


Ada’s First Halloween

I have been looking forward to celebrating Ada’s first holiday for months now. And since she can’t eat candy, we didn’t go trick or treating. It would be a little weird trick or treating with an infant, don’t you think? Instead we had an easy and low key weekend, just hanging out with friends and snuggling with little Ada.

I found Ada’s halloween outfit at Gap and just fell in love with it. I love this little kitty hat and Ada loves looking at this book.

Just look at those cheeks!

Then my mom got her this “mommy’s pumpkin” shirt, which is perfect because I call her my little pumpkin. She will probably be wearing this outfit as much as possible this fall before she outgrows it!

She is such a little wiggle worm! It’s hard to get a decent photo of her because she moves so much. I know that this will only get harder as she gets older!

And Randy was able to finally get some decent photos of Ada and I. I just love this little pumpkin!

We had a nice relaxing Halloween weekend by the fire and I loved dressing up Ada. Hope everyone had a great weekend as well. Now the holiday season has officially begun! Can’t wait for my favorite holiday…. Thanksgiving!