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Baby’s First Easter

I have had so much fun gathering items for Ada’s Easter basket this year! It can be a little difficult to find stuff for babies but for Easter it was easy! I guess because it is easy to find stuffed bunnies and bunny themed books for little ones! But for anyone out there who needs some last minute Easter basket ideas, here is what is in Ada’s basket!

I usually like to get Ada a pair of pjs or a holiday themed outfit, a toy or stuffed animal, books and hair bows! A simple guideline to help me find things we really like or need for Ada. She can always use clothes, she is growing so fast; books are always a smart and safe choice; and toys are hard to pick out, at least I think so. But she can always use new toys, since she is growing out of certain toy stages rather quickly. 🙂 Plus, it is just fun to get her holiday themed things to celebrate!

I just adore her Easter basket from Pottery Barn! I know it is something that we will continue to use for years to come!

I hope this helps give you a little inspiration and I hope you have a fantastic Easter weekend!


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7 Months

I feel like Ada has changed and learned so much this past month. It is getting harder and harder to see that snuggly, little newborn that we brought home. Instead, I am seeing a beautiful little toddler! It brings tears to my eyes to think about how fast time is going and to see how much Ada is changing. But I am also so very happy and proud of these changes.

At her last doctor appointment, she weighed in at 17lbs and measured 27 inches long! She is in the 80 percentile in height! If she continues on this course, she will be so much taller than Randy and I! But she still has itty, bitty feet! She can still wear a lot of her newborn socks and shoes!IMG_6179

She can sit up completely unassisted now but has shown no interest in tummy time, rolling over or early signs of crawling. She also sits all by herself in a shopping cart now! A big change since she has always been in her stroller or car seat in the grocery store. She has just started to bounce in her Jump-a-Roo; before, she would just sit in it. It is like she has finally discovered her legs and what they can do. 🙂 So the Jump-a-Roo is a whole new toy and she loves it!


She has definitely really started to grab everything in her reach! But she isn’t as aggressive as some babies at this age. For instance, when I wear a necklace, instead of grabbing it and starting to pull on it; she very gingerly takes her finger to touch it. And she looks up at me like, is this ok? It is so sweet! But when I give her the ok, she goes to town with it! Not sure how long this will last, but it is adorable to watch her “ask” for permission.


Ada has shown a great interest in toys, books, and stuffed animals. She especially loves throwing everything. But her favorite game still is peek-a-boo with her blanket. She has started laughing and squealing in delight every time one of us carries her up the stairs and the other is walking behind. She just looks down at who ever is walking behind and just laughs! So we have made that into a nightly game now after dinner.


She still eats so very well. Loves to eat! That’s my girl! She loves eating any kind of fruit and is doing well with her veggies. Sometimes she has to try them a time or two, but ends up loving them. She has started eating pureed chicken. I make a chicken, sweet potato, and apple puree and she can’t get enough of it! I can not wait to introduce her to watermelon this summer!


She is still teething like mad, but no teeth yet! They are taking forever to show. She sometimes just screams, out of nowhere, with her hand in her mouth. Poor thing! I hope they show up soon. All this work with nothing to show for it just makes me feel bad for her.


Ada has always been a chatterbox, but she has been exploring with new sounds this past month. Like, dada dada, mama mama, and key key. I don’t think she realizes she is saying mama and dada, but it makes my heart melt every time she says mama. 🙂

Happy 7 months Ada! You are an absolute delight and we love you darling!

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Randy’s 30th Birthday

This past Monday, my sweet husband turned 30! I had planned to have a big party at our house with all of our friends and family, but we decided against it. It is hard to throw a party with a baby! 😉 Instead, we plan on having a wonderful night out, just the two of us, closer to my 30th birthday. But we celebrated a little bit for Randy’s birthday this past weekend. Since the weather has been so beautiful, we decided to take Ada on her first hike!



Had to take a little break. 🙂


She did really well in her backpack carrier at first. Then she cried and cried and cried. So we transferred her to the Ergo and she was happy again.

Isn’t that waterfall gorgeous?! I love where we live!


I carried her for a while in the Ergo, then we moved her back into the backpack without the sunshade and she was perfectly content with that. So I guess it was the sunshade that freaked her out. Either way, babies sure do keep you guessing! 😉

Back when it was just Randy and I hiking, we would just need our camelbacks. Now we have to bring the daypack and the backpack carrier (which has tons of storage too). Maybe we overpacked, but you have to bring a lot for a baby! Diapers, wipes, bottles, formula, extra clothes, pacifiers, toys – you get the picture! Although, I will admit, seeing little Sophie in the pack was pretty darn cute. But Ada was even cuter – looking so cool in her North Face hat.


Overall, I think Ada enjoyed it. She was just taking everything in – the trees, the waterfalls, the people, the sky. Turned out we didn’t need the toys to entertain her! 😉



To finish our day, we stopped by Oskar Blues Brewery. We enjoyed a cold one, while little Ada took a nap. She was tuckered out! Poor thing! She had a full day. 🙂


Happy 30th Birthday my love! Ada and I are the luckiest girls in the world! Thank you for everything you do for us. We love you so very much!

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Six Month Favorites

Six months has been such a fun age! I love that Ada is mostly sitting up on her own; it makes play time so much fun! But a lot of times, Ada is more interested in non-toy items – like, my coffee mug! 🙂 But here are a few things that Ada and I have enjoyed this month.

6 months

Finger Puppet Books – I found these books in a consignment shop and Ada loves playing with the soft puppets. And I think they are really cute, with beautiful colors.

Nuby Teethers – These teethers have been awesome! Ada loves them and they fit her little hands so well. It is a good thing I have those drool bibs, because she drools like mad when she chews on these! But she is happy!

Crab – I am not sure why Ada likes this stuffed crab so much, but she does. She laughs when I scratch the crab’s belly – the fabric there is a little rougher and it makes noise. And she loves hugging it and chewing on it.

Chew Beads – Ada has been going to town on her rattlers here lately. She loves swinging them around and of course, chewing on them. She also loves playing “lets see how many times mom will play fetch” with these toys. 🙂

Beaba – Before I had Ada, I was not going to get one of these. I thought it was silly to invest in a blender just for baby. But I got one for Christmas and I love it! It has been making baby food for Ada so simple and easy! It steams, blends, defrosts and reheats food all in one machine. And I can do everything with one hand! Very handy when you are holding a baby (see what I did there? Haha!). Anything to make my life easier right now is a good thing!

Ergo 360 – I wish I had invested in one of these when Ada was first born. It would have made my life so much easier. We had a baby carrier that someone gave us, but I didn’t like it and Ada didn’t either. I love that Ada can be carried in several different ways in the 360. Our favorite is the hip carry. Since Ada is going through the separation anxiety right now, this carrier makes it easier for me to work and run errands. I highly recommend this carrier to every parent! I was able to find it on eBay for a great price. So if you are looking for a baby carrier, check out eBay first! 😉

And the little muchkin! Love this sweet little girl!


What are some of your favorite, must have baby gear? Hope every one is having a lovely week! Happy Hump Day!