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8 Months

Today my little Ada is 8 months old… 8 months old! She is growing and changing so fast! She now weighs 18 pounds and in the 80 percentile in height! I have noticed that she has started to lose some of her baby fat, mostly around her thighs. They are just not as chubby as they use to be! But she is still rocking those kissable, chubby cheeks!

Ada hasn’t given any indication that she wants to crawl, but we are working on rolling. She has the movements down pat, but hasn’t discovered that they are useful to help her get from A to B; at least, not yet. I am sure that she will be rolling on her own very soon, although she is perfectly content to sit and play with her toys right now. She is reaching further for objects now and is curious about everything around her. I am hoping that curiosity will be what motivates her to start moving. I am sure she will move about when she is good and ready. She does get the stubborn gene, honestly; from both sides! 😉


Ada is very gentle and easy going. She is grabbing for things, more than she was; but she is still so very gentle about it. It is actually so sweet watching her grab for something new. She gets a little hesitant before going for it – like she is asking permission to take it. Ada is pretty much happy all the time, as long as either Randy or I am with her. 😉 This might prove to be problematic here soon when we have our 30th birthday party!


The new game that she loves to play right now, is telephone. I will pretend that the baby monitor is a phone and place it over her ear. She just smiles and giggles every time! I guess I need to find her a toy phone to play with; any suggestions? Ada still loves to play peek-a-boo and will now hold her blanket over her face, bring down the blanket, and say, “Boo!” I have noticed this past month that she is looking at things and calling them by name. She is saying; mama, dada, kitty, hey, bath, and boo. I am not sure which word was her first official word; probably dada but it could have been mama… or kitty. 🙂


Ada has now started to dance! It is the greatest thing ever! Whenever she is sitting with all her toys and she is in a good mood; she will start moving up and down to her own humming or to music playing in the background. She just started this a few days ago and it just makes me smile every time she does it. I love seeing her in such a happy mood! Although, this poor child will most likely have our dance moves when she starts walking… bless her heart!


Ada enjoys being outside and has just started sitting in her big girl stroller!!! She loves it! We take walks around the neighborhood every day, weather permitting. She just sits there looking at all the trees and talks away; all the while, sporting her new pink shades. Isn’t she the coolest baby? 😉




Ada Marie, you are so very loved! We are the luckiest parents in the world and you have made us so very happy! Happy 8 Months!

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Spring Style: For the Nursing Mom

Being pregnant obviously changes your wardrobe but I had no idea that breastfeeding could change it so much too. I remember being 8 months pregnant in July, with swollen feet and cankles, longing for my old wardrobe and shoes. I can remember thinking, “Don’t worry, Jama. In a few months, you will be able to wear your clothes again!” Boy was I wrong! Not only did it take me a while to lose enough baby weight to feel comfortable in my old clothes again, but my old wardrobe was not breastfeeding friendly.


While pregnant, I tried to find clothes that were not “maternity” but clothes that I could possibly wear after pregnancy. I feel the same way about breastfeeding. So I put together a list of ideas for your spring breastfeeding wardrobe that you can wear again and again.

Spring Style

Hoodie – I found this hoodie on Athleta. It isn’t a breastfeeding top, but definitely works like one; especially since I wear a nursing tank top underneath. It is very soft, lightweight, and so comfortable. I wear it all the time!

Breastfeeding Cover – This cover from Covered Goods, is the best thing I have bought for breastfeeding. It works like a scarf, a breastfeeding cover (with 360 degree cover), a carseat cover, and a highchair cover. I use it every time I am out running errands and get so many compliments on it. They come in many different colors and patterns. I just thought this pattern was fun and great for spring and summer outfits.

Button Up – Button up shirts are the obvious choice for breastfeeding. They are very convenient and if you wear a nursing tank top underneath, you have good coverage. I love this polka dot chambray shirt for spring and summer.

Teething Necklace – The Jones Market makes my favorite teething necklaces. They are safe for babies to chew on and to pull on. Ada enjoys playing with this necklace while she breastfeeds. And I feel a little bit more put together when I wear a cute necklace. 😉

Draped Cardigan – This is one of the items in my closet that I am constantly grabbing. I usually throw this cardigan over a nursing tank top and I am good to go. The extra fabric in the front is actually nice to use as a cover while breastfeeding, too.

Cargo Vest – This is another item that I am always wearing. I love this vest and it has quickly become my favorite accessory. This vest is great to help hide some of that postpartum weight around the middle and it is very versatile. You can wear it with jeans and a t-shirt or with a dress. You can dress it up or dress it down. I just love this vest!

Hat – I feel like I am constantly wearing a hat these days. Mostly because washing my hair takes so long and time is something you don’t have a lot of when you have a baby! So dry shampoo and hats have quickly become my best friends! I am glad that warmer weather has arrived because you can never go wrong with a cute, straw cloche hat!

I hope this has helped you out in deciding what in the world to wear in this season of your life! Happy Hump Day!



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7 Month Favorites

Ada is pretty much over all of her “baby” toys right now. I think she is ready for bigger and better. 😉 So I had some fun finding some new toys for her this month and she is loving them! Here are some of our favorites this month:

7 Months

Puppy – Ada is loving stuffed animals right now. She loves snuggling up to them and throwing them around. Jellycat makes mine and Ada’s favorite stuffed animals. They are simply adorable and super soft.

Jump-a-roo – Ada seems to have finally discover that she can bounce in this thing. Before, she would just sit in it, but now she moves around and it is a whole new toy! I am glad that she is moving around in this because otherwise, she doesn’t know what her legs are for. 😉

Cookbook – One of the best cookbooks I have purchased. Worth every penny! I use it everyday to get ideas on blends and different purees for Ada to try. They have so many ideas for blends that taste surprisingly good; like, green beans and pears, avocado and banana, and chicken, sweet potato, and apple. So far, she has liked everything I have made her.

Caterpillar – This is a neat toy. There are 5 individual balls that each have there own colors and noises. They are a little difficult to attach together (at least I think so), but the balls fit Ada’s little hands very well. She loves passing them from one hand to another, banging them together, and of course, throwing them!

Boon Bath Toys – These have been great for Ada, now that she is sitting up in the tub. She loves to chew on them and they fit her hands well. And since there are no holes, I don’t have to worry about mold growing inside the toys! Win win!

Highchair – Best highchair ever! I love that this highchair rolls around and so does Ada. I can put her in the highchair and roll her around the kitchen while I cook. And it is a great place to put toys in front of her to entertain herself. I love that it has adjustable height. I can raise her up so she can see what is going on at the kitchen counter and I can lower her down to our dining room table. Plus, there is no fabric with this chair, which is a huge deal for me! Clean up is so easy!

Dress – The bodysuit dresses have been my favorite! I love putting dresses on Ada, but when you pick her up the dress rides up and gets all bunched up. It is kinda of irritating, for both of us! But with these, there is no ride up and it stays put! Plus, they usually come with cardigans and cardigans on babies are the cutest!

Happy Hump Day ya’ll! Hope you are having a fantastic week!

P.S. This hairstyle… Those big blue eyes … I can’t even…! 🙂



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Ada’s First Easter

Happy Easter to you all! We had a wonderful Easter weekend here at the Maples’ house filled with faith, family and fun! As you all know, I have been planning Ada’s first Easter for some time now. I purchased her Easter dress months ago and have been counting down to Easter ever since! Did I mention that holidays are so much more fun with kids? 😉



I love how she has her feet crossed in this photo. Just like the sweet little lady that she is! 🙂


I was pleasantly surprised at how excited Ada was to get her Easter basket. She loved the books and toys I got her, so mama for the win! 😉

Easter 2016

Easter 2016

I just love her beautiful smile! That smile never fails to brighten up my day!

Easter 2016

Easter 2016


Since Easter has come and gone so quickly, I believe I am going to leave all the Easter decorations up for a while. I love the colors and I want to enjoy them for a little while longer. Plus, Ada loves playing with her plastic Easter eggs. She enjoys looking at her reflection in the metallic part of the egg and taking them with her into the tub.


We had a lovely weekend together with my parents. Ada just loves all the attention when family comes to visit. I just wish that all of our family lived next door! Then every day would feel like a holiday… right? 😉

I like how our family photo turned out. We took about 20 pictures and this is the only one that turn out well. Photographing a family with a baby is tough! But I am grateful that I got one good one; that is all I really need.

Easter 2016

I hope your Easter weekend was filled with family, love and hope – the hope that only Christ can bring. Happy Friday ya’ll!