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Mama & Mini Style

I have had a blast representing an awesome company called, “Camp Light Apparel.” They are a wonderful company with the cutest clothes for the whole family. And what makes it so amazing, is that each purchase helps feed malnourished children. How cool is that? Head over to their website and Instagram account – their story is truly touching and you are just going to love their products!





I love the face she is making in this photo. She is such a goober! ๐Ÿ™‚






And here are my favorite photos! They are simply adorable. I love that gummy smile of hers!




This has quickly become one of my favorite shirts to wear. It is really soft and I love how is fits. The sleeves drop a little off the shoulders and the shirt is loose without it looking baggy. Perfect t-shirt! I will be getting some more that is for sure! (For reference in sizing, I am wearing the medium and Ada is wearing the 6-12months).




Go check out Camp Light Apparel! You will love their products and on top of all that, you will be helping support a great cause! Now that is a win win in my book. Happy Friday ya’ll!

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Nine Months

These past nine months have gone by so much faster than the nine months of pregnancy did! I can’t believe that Ada’s first birthday is only 3 months away! It truly is a blessing to be able to watch Ada grow and learn. But I have to admit that my heart aches every time another month passes. It just reminds me how fast the time with Ada is going and how this time with her will not last forever. Excuse me while I go cry myself a river…

Ok, now that I got my mom emotions under control, on with the post! ๐Ÿ˜‰


Ada weighs 19 lbs and I feel like she is getting taller by the minute! She is about to outgrow her 6-9 months clothing, mostly because she is getting so tall. Her feet are still unbelievably tiny; she can still wear her newborn socks and shoes. They are the sweetest! ๐Ÿ™‚ We officially have her first tooth! It just started peeking up through the gums this week. I feel a bit relieved because she has worked so hard for that tooth! Go Ada!


She can officially roll over now! Woo hoo! Now she doesn’t do it, just to do it. She does it when I place her on her tummy, but I am just glad that she can do it. She is moving more. She really reaches for things and can scoot a little while sitting, but not much. I guess she will learn to crawl or walk when she feels good and ready. Ada is a very cautious baby, I have actually never seen such a cautious baby. At this age, babies are usually diving head first into everything, but not Ada. She is very easy going and gentle; which I think is endearing.


The one thing I do not have to worry about with Ada is her eating habits. She has been so easy when it comes to eating. She will eat whatever I put in front of her. She will eat any kind of fruit or veggie, and she loves chicken and beef. All these foods she can eat pureed or diced. She is getting to the point now where she doesn’t want pureed. She wants what I am eating and the more flavor, the better. She will eat salsa, garlic, dill pickles, and seasoned roasted veggies and chicken. I am glad that she enjoys flavor because we love flavor in this house! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Her favorite food this month has been my mom’s homemade pasta e fagioli – I can’t blame her, it is my favorite too!


Her vocabularyย hasn’t changed much. While we were visiting my parents Ada did start saying nana, which made my mom oh so happy. ๐Ÿ™‚ She is saying mama a lot here lately, I guess because she hasn’t felt very well these past few weeks. I don’t mind, I love hearing her saying mama. She has started blowing raspberries, which she thinks is the funniest thing ever. And it is pretty darn cute to watch her make that noise, then look up with those big, beautiful blue eyes, and giggle. I love this sweet, silly girl!











We are so blessed to have you as a daughter, Ada Marie! We love you to the moon and back! Happy 9 months!

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30th Birthday Photoshoot

What better way to celebrate turning 30 then putting on some pretty clothes, getting big balloons, and taking some photos?! Well, that is how we roll here in the Maples’ house! ๐Ÿ˜‰ I wanted to have a 30th birthday photoshoot so I could look back on these photos and remember – remember the good times and the bad, to remember being first time parents, to remember this time of change, and to remember that I dyed my hair pink for my 30th birthday (midlife crisis, maybe?)!







Let’s not forget the sparkly, gold shoes! Because remember: “Cinderella is proof that a new pair of shoes can change your life!” (true story!) ๐Ÿ™‚



Isn’t his tie amazing?! I love how he ties his ties; so fancy!


I am one lucky girl! He is so incredibly handsome! ๐Ÿ™‚



See! He can be just as silly as me!


And my favorite picture of Randy, probably ever! My husband laughing… makes me smile every time I look at it.


Here’s to 30! I am blessed to be able to share turning 30 with my best friend! The best is yet to come, my darling!


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Our 30th Birthday

This year Randy and I turn the big 3-0! I know, 30! To be honest, I have been looking forward to our 30th birthdays for a while because I have always wanted to have a huge party for our 30th birthdays. Turns out when you have a little one, it is really hard to plan a big party at your house when the baby goes to sleep around 7pm! So after weeks of trying to figure out what to do for our 30th, it came to me on a night that Ada was extremely fussy and would not sleep. I had been up with her for a few days and I was about to reach my limit. It was then that I knew how we should celebrate, I wanted a night off. I told Randy want I wanted and he was instantly on board. We started planning and got everything set up weeks in advance. And it turned out the be the best birthday ever!

Randy used his Hilton points to get us a wonderful suite complete with an infinity whirlpool tub! It was the coolest room I have ever stayed in!

The Hilton at Biltmore Square was great and treated us like royalty! They even sent up a complimentary cheese tray to help celebrate our birthdays. We thought that was so thoughtful! We enjoyed the cheese tray with some wine before our first ever couples massage. I must have been living under a rock my whole life because massages are fantastic! I want one every year for my birthday now!

After a heavenly massage we spent the rest of the afternoon relaxing. Just what new parents need – sleep! ๐Ÿ˜‰ That night we had dinner and drinks with some friends. Afterwards, we enjoyed our large hotel room, drinking champagne, eating cupcakes, and playing Cards Against Humanity. We laughed so hard that all of us were crying and complaining about sore cheeks and abs. It was so nice to laugh loud and have a good time without worrying about waking up a sleeping baby! ๐Ÿ™‚




We had such a wonderful birthday and I couldn’t imagine it going any better! It will be a night that I will always remember and think back on. And we felt recharged after having a whole day to just “adult”. A day to relax, have fun with some friends, and to not worry about taking care of a little human. But the best thing about leaving, was coming back home to our sweet little girl.


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My First Mother’s Day

I had a wonderful first Mother’s Day this past weekend! I was honored to share this day with my grandmother, my mother, and of course, my daughter! Spending the day with all the women that I look up to and love really made my day special.

I will admit that it felt a little strangeย being wished a Happy Mother’s Day this weekend. I guess because it has been a holiday to celebrate my mom and grandmother for so long that it felt strange to be celebrated too. ๐Ÿ™‚

My grandmother has been in and out of the hospital since Christmas, so I was thrilled that she was home for Mother’s Day. I really love this picture; it shows 4 generations of women: my grandmother, my mother, myself, and my daughter.


My family all got together at my grandparents’ house to have a simple Mother’s Day lunch. It was really nice to see all of my family, especially since I have not seen someย of them since January.


The rest of the day was pretty laid back. Since traveling with Ada is difficult, because she doesn’t sleep well, I spent the day snuggling with her and helping her to sleep. My parents have a beautiful yard, complete with waterfall, which Ada is fascinated by. We spent the rest of the afternoon sitting on the porch enjoying the beautiful spring weather that only the mountains can provide. ๐Ÿ™‚



Being this girl’s mama is the greatest thing in the world. I am so incredibly bless that sometimes it takes my breath away. Parenting is definitely not for the faint of heart, it is hard, selfless work. But when this little girl looks at me and smiles, I forget how hard it is or how tired I am. Instead, I remember that Ada will only be this little for just a moment. Before I know it, she will not want me to hold her, or play with her, or be around her. So when those hard times come, I try to remind myself to stop and enjoy this little baby for it will be over in a blink of an eye.


I hope you all had a wonderful Mother’s day weekend! I pray that it was filled with family, love, and joy!

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8 Month Favorites

8 months is a fun age! I feel like I say that every time I do a monthly favorite. I guess it is just fun to watch Ada grow and learn to do new things. Right now, Ada is starting to grab everything in her reach. So her favorite things to play with, is everything that isn’t a toy! ๐Ÿ™‚ But here is a small list of our favorites this month:

8 months

Puffs – Ada is now feeding herself… I know, right?! She is feeding herself! I started her on these puffs to help teach her to feed herself and they have done just that. She loves to feed herself and these puffs are great for little fingers to pick up.

Stacker – This stacker has been a great toy for Ada. I love that it is made of silicone, so it is great for her to chew on. It is a small stacker, about 6 inches tall. I like that it is small for Ada’s small hands and she loves to launch these pieces across the room!

Lovie – We are late on getting her a lovie and I wish we had started a little sooner. Ada loves her blankets, but it makes me nervous to leave one in the crib for her at night. So we got her this lovie so she can hold on to something at night. It took a few weeks for her to become attach to it, but now she uses it every night. This lovie is made from the same company that makes my favorite burp cloths. It is very soft and not to mention, adorable!

Activity Triangle – She has had a blast with this activity triangle. It came with the elephant as well, but she doesn’t like it as much. I guess she will learn to play with that one later. But the triangle is great and she spends a lot of time playing with it.

Stroller – We love this stroller! This is one thing that we have used since she was a newborn and will continue to use for a long time after. The best thing about this stroller is that it grows with your baby. The newborn carseat clicks into this stroller, which is great when you have a sleeping newborn and do not want to disturb her. You just grab the seat, click her in the stroller and you are good to go. The toddler seat is something that we have just started using and Ada loves it. Now that she can hold herself up well, she loves sitting in it and looking around. We have been using the stroller a lot here lately, now that warmer weather has finally come to the mountains! ๐Ÿ™‚

Mini Spatulas – Ada grabbed this off the kitchen counter one day and has not stopped playing with it. It has actually been the best teether for Ada. It is small enough for her to manipulate with her little hands and it fits in her little mouth very well. She loves chewing on this thing! Who knew, right?

Happy Hump Day ya’ll! Hope you have a great day!