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Mama + Mini Monday: Chambray & Mustard

Now that it is officially fall, it is ok for me to wear my favorite color every day, right?! It is? Ok, good! Because I sure do love it! So naturally, when I find mustard in Ada’s size I grab it! It is still a little warm here, but when the wind blows, you can feel a little chill. Cooler weather is on it’s way! But until then, we will rock our summer dresses with cardigans and booties. 😉

My dress is from J.Crew Factory (similar) and is a great transition piece. My cardigan is from Modcloth and they come in multiple colors. I have had mine for years and it still looks great. And of course, my mustard heels are from Seychelles.

And look! Ada is standing! Not completely on her own, but she can support her own weight and can balance pretty well. Hopefully, it won’t be long until she is running around! But would you look at those thighs?! Baby rolls are seriously the sweetest!

Ada’s chambray romper is from baby Gap, but I bought it at a consignment shop. Her mustard cardigan is from OldNavy. I am sure that she will be wearing this cardigan a lot this fall! Plus, the other colors are beautiful! Especially, the red and navy. Her gold moccasins are from a consignment shop as well, I do not know what brand they are. Her beautiful floral bow is from Ellia May Designs. She has been wearing this bow on repeat for days now! 🙂

These two little teeth are so cute! 🙂

I just love those baby blues…. they certainly get Randy and I in trouble already!

Happy Monday ya’ll!

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Our First Day of Fall

When the first day of fall arrived, so did the beautiful fall weather. It has been wonderful! We pretty much hibernate during the summer. I swear I lose more weight during the fall/winter months than I do in the summer months! I guess because we stay inside a lot more during the summer to hide from the heat. But as soon as the temperature drops, we are out the door every chance we get! The first day of fall, we took full advantage of the wonderful cool weather and took Ada on a little hike.

Bear Wallow Mountain is practically in our back yard. It takes us about 10 minutes to drive up to the trail head. The hike is relatively easy, but it is a constant up hill climb. But the view up top is worth it. I am pretty sure that it is my favorite view in the Asheville area. On a clear day, you can see for miles. 🙂



At the top, is a pasture of cows, which Ada loved! She kept say, “moo!”, every time we got near one.








We had such a wonderful time taking Ada out for a hike on a beautiful fall day. I look forward to many more fall adventures with her! Happy Friday ya’ll!

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Fall Favorites

Hello beautiful fall! I am so glad that you are officially here!


Fall just brings the best of everything – the best weather, the best food, and of course, the best clothes! The fall clothes for littles and mamas are so great this year. I am struggling not to spend every penny on clothes and accessories for us both! Why are baby girl clothes so perfectly cute?! Anyways, here are a few of my favorite finds lately:


  1. Gray Dress – I really like the simplicity of this dress, plus; it is super soft. It will be great paired with some mustard leggings and boots!
  2. Little Pumpkin – I absolutely adore this sweatshirt! When I saw it online, I bought it immediately and I am so glad that I did. It is no longer available now! But here is a great option; I got this shirt last year for Ada. My pet name for Ada is pumpkin, so anything pumpkin related for Ada is a must have!
  3. Peplum Shirt – These peplum shirts are so beautiful and they look so cute on. I have paired this gray one with mustard leggings and she looks so adorable! I also really like that it is a onesie, no riding up and it will help keep her warm this fall.
  4. Floral Leggings – As you can tell, I am loving this floral pattern. It has all my favorite colors – navy, mustard, and pink!
  5. Hair bow – All the small shops this year are killing it with all the fall patterns! This one has been my favorite so far (favorite colors, remember?)!
  6. Dress and Cape – Isn’t this outfit amazing?! I have been looking for a navy dress and this one is perfect. And look at that cape! It is to die for!
  7. Hat – And of course, you can never go wrong with a hat! Especially, when you do not have time to wash your hair in the mornings! 😉 Cloche hats are my favorite style – so classy and elegant!
  8. Mustard Cardigan – And everyone needs a mustard cardigan in their closet. So glad that Old Navy had this one for Ada. They also offer navy and red, which I really like, too.

I hope you are out enjoying this first day of fall today! Happy Fall ya’ll!

Just look at those two adorable teeth! 🙂 

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Mama + Mini Monday: PJs All Day

This past week or so, has been a hard one – long days with even longer nights. Ada is still teething and her 12 month shots have made her cranky, needy, and restless. She has been waking up very often at night and has been fussy during the day. I will admit, I have gotten frustrated more than once with her this week. It seems like nothing makes her happy. Poor thing, I know she must feel terrible, but this mama is running on fumes! So this week, we have been wearing our pjs all day and snuggling. So I guess it hasn’t been all that bad; especially, when you have such adorable pjs to wear! 😉

I found the cutest pjs for Ada at Old Navy this week. I am debating on getting more in bigger sizes, I love them so much! They have my favorite saying on them, “Happy Camper.” I love that they match her purple bow from ZozuBaby and the bear print is pretty darn cute.

My shirt and lounge pants are from Nordstrom. The pants are the most comfortable pants ever! I wear them everyday. I hate when they get dirty and I have to wash them. That means I have to wear something else until I can clean them! Haha! I guess I should get another pair!

I hope Ada gets to feeling better soon! I miss my little happy camper! Until then, you will find us snuggling in our pjs and this mama napping when she can! Happy Monday ya’ll; here’s to a better week!

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Summer is for Fun

These past few weeks, we have been soaking up all the fun that only summer can bring here in the mountains. We have enjoyed the Apple Festival, the Mountain State Fair, and trying out the local vineyards. The evenings are starting to cool down and it is glorious! Our favorite thing to do every night is to take an evening stroll around the apple orchards with Ada or to sit out on our back porch with a glass a wine while Ada plays. Days like these, makes me wish for time to stop so I can enjoy these little moments with my family just a little bit longer. But alas, the only way to make time to last a little longer is to take lots of pictures! 😉




I was so excited for the Mountain State Fair to get here because of all the farm animals they have. Ada loves all her toys and books about farm animals. Instead of calling them by name, she refers to the animals by what sound they make. She doesn’t call a cow, cow – she calls it moo. It so cute! She loved seeing all the animals and would make the sound of each one as we walked by.


She had a blast on this stuffed horse! She didn’t want to leave it! I guess I’ll have to get her a rocking horse now. 😉




And we all enjoyed the fair food!


It was so much fun taking Ada to the fair. Next year, she just might be big enough for some of the rides!

The hiking back pack for Ada has been great for all these festivals and fairs. But we are looking forward to when she can walk on her own. Hopefully, soon!





The pack is perfect for our evening strolls through the orchards, of course. She loves riding in it. She gets a great view where ever we go.



I hope you are enjoying these last few days of summer. But I am glad to see fall coming! I am ready for the crisp, cool air; the beautiful colors; sweatshirts; and nights by the fire! Happy Hump Day ya’ll!


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Party Details

Ada's First Birthday Party

I had so much fun planning Ada’s first birthday and I really love how everything came together. One of the best things about the blogging world, is learning and sharing from each other. I love reading posts about parties and how it all came together. So here is my contribution regarding my daughter’s first birthday party.

Since the inspiration came from Ada’s yellow bow, I will start with our outfits!

Ada’s bow is from Free Babes Homemade and her romper is handmade from The Cranky Peach. I love the colors and pattern of her romper. It matched the colors of her party so well! My dress is from ModCloth – you wouldn’t believe how difficult it was to find a dress that was pink and yellow. Who knew!?!

The retro “You Are My Sunshine” prints came from KZukowski. She was great to work with and she even tweaked the colors a little to better match the party. I originally found these prints at thelandofnod.com, but they wanted $40 a piece for them! That was a bit too much! KZukowski was cheaper and I got them custom! They will be perfect for Ada’s nursery/playroom now that the party is over.

The “Ada is One” print is from INVITEDbyAudriana. I used her entire, “You Are My Sunshine”, party pack – it came with invitations, food tents, Ada is One print, and the party favor tags.

The “You Are My Sunshine” banner and woolie ball banner came from Hooray Everyday. Hana was great to work with and she made a custom banner with my party colors. I love how they turned out and plan on using them again in Ada’s nursery/playroom!

I made the monthly milestone banner with baker’s twine and mini clothespins. I love it paired with the woolie ball banner! It adds a beautiful pop of color.

All the brunch food I made was really good! Here are the recipes I used: sausage & cheese quiche, mini chicken & waffles, and ham & cheese pinwheels.

The cakes were made by a friend of ours from Perfectly Pretty Sweets. Not only were the cakes gorgeous, but they tasted amazing! I was so glad to have leftover cake, I got to enjoy it all by myself for several days! (I am going to have to start running now!) If you need a baker in the Asheville area, go to her! You will not regret it!

Ada's First Birthday Party

The script “one” balloon banner came from Shop Sweet Lulu. I love this shop! They have beautiful and unique party supplies, all at a great price! I also got our balloons from here because they had the perfect colors!

The pinwheels came from PaperWeeds. She was great to work with and sent me my pinwheels quickly! Using pinwheels for decorations was one of my favorite ideas! They are so cute and fun! The tassel garland was made by me.

Ada's First Birthday Party

I used PaperWeeds’ pinwheels in my flower arrangements as well. The blue mason jars came from Shop Sweet Lulu, which I love and plan on using them for everything from here on! The “Mimosa Bar” sign was made by me as well.

The party was so fun to plan and put together. The day was perfect and I know Ada enjoyed all the decorations and celebrating! Thank you to all the shops I used, you made the party beautiful! A special thank you to my mom, who helped me out so much in getting this party together! And thank you to all who came to celebrate our little girl! You all mean the world to us and we love you! Thank you for making our daughter’s day!

Now on to planning the next party! 😉

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Ada’s First Birthday Party

As you all know, we love to celebrate here at the Maples’ house. So you can imagine how long I have been planning Ada’s first birthday. We talked about going simple, since Ada will most likely not remember this party – but who are we kidding? Parties here are big or not at all! 😉


The inspiration for Ada’s party came from the yellow swiss bow I had gotten her months ago. I love the yellow color and it got me to thinking about using it for part of her birthday outfit. Which lead to the theme of her party: You Are My Sunshine!


Ada's First Birthday Party

We had friends and family over for brunch – chicken & waffles, ham & cheese pinwheels, sausage & cheese quiche, a yogurt bar, and of course, a mimosa bar! You can’t have brunch without mimosas, am I right?!

Ada's First Birthday Party

Ada's First Birthday Party

Ada's First Birthday Party

Ada's First Birthday Party

Ada's First Birthday Party

Ada's First Birthday Party

Ada's First Birthday Party

Ada's First Birthday Party

I believe her cake was my favorite! Isn’t it gorgeous?! And it tasted amazing!

Ada's First Birthday Party

FullSizeRender copy 2

Even Ada’s smash cake was beautiful!

Ada's First Birthday Party

We enjoyed the day eating, drinking, and dancing around with Ada! I even made a playlist with songs all about sunshine!

Ada's First Birthday Party

Ada's First Birthday Party

Ada's First Birthday Party

Ada's First Birthday Party

Ada's First Birthday Party

Ada's First Birthday Party

Ada's First Birthday Party

Ada's First Birthday Party

Ada's First Birthday Party

Ada's First Birthday Party

Ada's First Birthday Party

And then the best part of the day was watching Ada enjoy her smash cake. I was a little worried that she wouldn’t get into it, but I was wrong – very wrong! Cake went everywhere! It was awesome!

FullSizeRender copy

FullSizeRender copy 3

Ada's First Birthday Party

Ada's First Birthday Party

Ada's First Birthday Party

Ada's First Birthday Party

Ada's First Birthday Party

Ada's First Birthday Party

After giving Ada a bath, we opened her presents; which she did a great job trying to open. She loved pulling tissue paper out of the bags and ripping the paper.

Ada's First Birthday Party

Ada's First Birthday Party

The party favors were bags full of old fashion candy – in her birthday colors, of course! 😉

Ada's First Birthday Party

FullSizeRender copy 4

Every holiday and special occasion I get Ada a book. I don’t think I could have found a more perfect book for her first birthday! The story is so sweet and the illustrations are beautiful!

It was a perfect day! I think Ada had a great time and enjoyed being in the center of attention all day! She especially enjoyed smashing that cake!


Happy First Birthday Ada Marie! You are the sunshine in our lives! We love you more than words can describe!


Note: I plan on giving all the details about the party and sharing the sources next post! 

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One Year Recap

I still find it incredibly hard to believe that Ada is a one year old! It feels like just yesterday I brought home our small bundle of joy and at the same time I can’t remember what our lives were like before Ada. I love this sweet girl more than I ever thought was possible!

Looking back on all our photos from this past year, does make me tear up a bit. But at the same time makes me smile, watching our daughter grow, change and learn has been the most fun I have ever had! And I look forward to all the new adventures we will have in the future with Ada.

Week Three 38




First Christmas-22








Ada's First Birthday-2

Ada Marie you are our greatest blessing and there are no words to describe how much we love you. Happy One Year sweetheart!

Stay tuned for Ada’s birthday party, up next! 😉