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30 Days till Italy!!

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I can’t believe that our trip to Italy is only a month away! I have been planning this trip for over a year now and it is finally coming together. Planning a two week trip to Italy was more challenging then I expected. Making itineraries for each city, making sure that we see the things that we have to see while we are there and not missing out on the city because we are stuck in museums. Some cathedrals and archaeology sites are only open on certain days and times; working around that has been tough! But I think we have everything set!

We will be flying into Venice and spending 3 days there. Then renting a car and driving down to Siena. We are staying in a B&B right outside of Siena for 5 days. From there we will be driving all over Tuscany – Florence, Siena, Chianti region, etc. Then we will be dropping off our rental car and taking the train to Rome (I was advised to never drive in an Italian city! So we are avoiding that like the plague!).  We will be staying in Rome for 4 days. Then we will be heading back home!

So our days here lately have looked a lot like this:


I have about 10 books on Italy and I have read. every. single. one. Not to mention the city maps that come with each one! I have studied those as well! I got these adorable tiny stickers to put on our maps to locate our hotel, sightseeing sites and restaurants. You can find them here:


On top of planning an itinerary, I have also been planning my wardrobe for the trip. I don’t want to take much because I will be carrying my luggage around sometimes and taking trains, etc. So the plan so far is to just bring one. pair. of. shoes.!!! I can’t believe it myself! It is so hard not to bring all my favorites! But I am going to try! *sigh* Anyways… Moving on!

The shoes I plan on bringing are my brown Ecco Rise Walking Boot. I did a lot of research and these fit the bill. They are comfortable, fashionable and waterproof. So I am planning my outfits around these boots.


Here are some of my ideas:


1. London Fog Trench Coat – Will be needing this in Venice since it probably will be kinda rainy

2. Skinny Jeans – Must have, very versatile

3. Burgundy Cardigan from ModCloth – Very comfortable and warm; plan on wearing this on the plane

4. Plum dress from Athelta – You all know how much I love this dress

5. Mustard Scarf from ModCloth – And you know how much I love this scarf

So there are my outfit ideas so far. Trying to bring pieces that can be interchanged together. Still working on it though! If anyone has any suggestions please let me know!

I can’t wait for this trip! It has been difficult to plan, but I think it will be worth every second! And I am looking forward to sharing all our photos and memories!

One thought on “30 Days till Italy!!

  1. They say pictures are worth a thousand words. I want to feel as if I’m taking the trip along side you, my Samantha Brown. Live life big, I know you will.

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