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33 Weeks

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Baby Maples is the size of a honeydew melon and weighs 4.5 pounds!

How far along? 33
Maternity clothes? yes, but mostly my maxi and shift dresses
Stretch marks? not yet
Sleep: sleeping has been ok – third trimester insomnia has started. I usually toss and turn all night and then wake up around 4 or 5 am – it’s lovely…
Best moment this week: It has been awhile since my last post, so a lot of great things have happened: we got our nursery glider and it is seriously the most comfortable chair in the house. Randy and I take turns sitting in it every night! We went to our first baby shower, I discovered that my snoogle can be formed into a donut which I can put my belly into (glorious!) and we celebrated July 4th with friends
Miss anything? my brain, refreshing summer cocktails and doing anything without feeling completely exhausted
Movement: Baby Girl is still moving all the time
Food cravings: strawberries, raspberries, banana pudding ice-cream from Publix (seriously, it’s amazing!)
Food aversions: not food aversions, just everything I eat gives me bad acid reflux and heartburn – but Zantac has really helped, thank you for the suggestion!
Gender: Girl
Labor Signs: no
Symptoms: Pregnant brain, fatigue, acid reflux
Belly Button in or out? still half in and half out
Wedding rings on or off? on but they do feel tighter – not sure if it is due to the summer heat or the pregnancy
Mood: happy but so very tired
Looking forward to: Baby Girl’s arrival – it is all I can think about! 🙂

We had our first baby shower two weekends ago, given to us by Randy’s parents. It was a wonderful shower and we loved every minute of it. 🙂

The cake was definitely a hit! It had to be the cutest and most perfect cake ever!

July 4th was spent with our dearest friends. We cooked out, ate strawberries and cookies and enjoyed the fireworks together.

 I hope everyone had a magical July 4th weekend! Now that July 4th is over, fall is on the brain! Who’s with me?! Bring on the pumpkin! 😉

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