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7 Month Favorites

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Ada is pretty much over all of her “baby” toys right now. I think she is ready for bigger and better. 😉 So I had some fun finding some new toys for her this month and she is loving them! Here are some of our favorites this month:

7 Months

Puppy – Ada is loving stuffed animals right now. She loves snuggling up to them and throwing them around. Jellycat makes mine and Ada’s favorite stuffed animals. They are simply adorable and super soft.

Jump-a-roo – Ada seems to have finally discover that she can bounce in this thing. Before, she would just sit in it, but now she moves around and it is a whole new toy! I am glad that she is moving around in this because otherwise, she doesn’t know what her legs are for. 😉

Cookbook – One of the best cookbooks I have purchased. Worth every penny! I use it everyday to get ideas on blends and different purees for Ada to try. They have so many ideas for blends that taste surprisingly good; like, green beans and pears, avocado and banana, and chicken, sweet potato, and apple. So far, she has liked everything I have made her.

Caterpillar – This is a neat toy. There are 5 individual balls that each have there own colors and noises. They are a little difficult to attach together (at least I think so), but the balls fit Ada’s little hands very well. She loves passing them from one hand to another, banging them together, and of course, throwing them!

Boon Bath Toys – These have been great for Ada, now that she is sitting up in the tub. She loves to chew on them and they fit her hands well. And since there are no holes, I don’t have to worry about mold growing inside the toys! Win win!

Highchair – Best highchair ever! I love that this highchair rolls around and so does Ada. I can put her in the highchair and roll her around the kitchen while I cook. And it is a great place to put toys in front of her to entertain herself. I love that it has adjustable height. I can raise her up so she can see what is going on at the kitchen counter and I can lower her down to our dining room table. Plus, there is no fabric with this chair, which is a huge deal for me! Clean up is so easy!

Dress – The bodysuit dresses have been my favorite! I love putting dresses on Ada, but when you pick her up the dress rides up and gets all bunched up. It is kinda of irritating, for both of us! But with these, there is no ride up and it stays put! Plus, they usually come with cardigans and cardigans on babies are the cutest!

Happy Hump Day ya’ll! Hope you are having a fantastic week!

P.S. This hairstyle… Those big blue eyes … I can’t even…! 🙂



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