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Here is our story…

I met my husband, Randy in modern physics in our second year of college. (Yes, we both are physicists and yes we are both nerds!)

We have been mostly inseparable since that modern physics class. We got engaged after college graduation (2008), married a year later (2009) and moved to Asheville, North Carolina for work. We both work for Eaton as electrical engineers. And we bought our first house in 2011.


When we bought the house 2 years ago!

We have always been that couple. Every time we walked around campus together, walked into a classroom together, or walked into work together; people would always say, “Awww, The Maples!”

Our marriage isn’t perfect… far from it. But I would say that we are both extremely happy with each other! It takes a lot of work and comprising. But most days are pretty awesome! đŸ™‚

After five wonderful years of marriage, we decided to expand our family. Our beautiful daughter, Ada Marie, was born August 24, 2015. She is a blessing and we couldn’t be more thankful for what God has done for us.

Week Three 33

Here we share our life – marriage, parenthood, travels, parties, etc. Welcome to our world!

3 thoughts on “Meet the Maples

  1. I recently discovered your blog from a comment you left on the Every Girl blog (about marriage and babies) and I have become obsessed with your blog! I am a new blogger but after reading your blog, I feel like we relate on so many levels (including the Big Bang being mine and my husbands favorite TV show, and no dinner is complete without wine). I look forward to reading along! Hope to speak soon!


    • Oh my goodness! You just completely made my day! I have read your comment about dozen times now and it just makes me smile! You are so sweet and I am glad you found my blog! As you can see, I am new to the blogging world as well! Most of the time I have no idea what I am doing, but I do enjoy it very much! It is nice to finally meet someone with some of the same interests! I look forward to reading your blog! On my way now! Hope to keep in touch!

  2. I read your blog today. it is very heart touching to me.. I am far away from my wife. But every breath i take I wish to be with her same like you with your husband… Please pray for me.

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