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Ada’s Christmas List

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I’m so excited for Ada’s first Christmas! Even though she will only be four months old, I still think it is going to be fun and of course, special. Given her age, it is a little difficult to get her presents. But I put together a little wish list of things I know that she needs or will love.

christmas list

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As I have said before, Ada has really started to interact with the world around her lately. She loves playing and looking at books. So I think it is going to be fun to give her some toys for Christmas.

I would like to get her a Christmas book or two. This book looks so sweet and it really concentrates on the reason for the season.

She can, of course, always use sleepers. They are the one thing she wears the most and these holiday print sleepers from Old Navy are great. They are really soft and warm, perfect for this winter. Not to mention, the holiday prints are adorable! I like that they are not too Christmas-y. She can wear them all winter long.

Ada is just about ready for a bigger sleep sack. She only has about two inches left in her current fleece sleep sack. These sleep sacks from Baby Deedee have great reviews and have a comforter type feel.

I think Chew Beads makes the cutest rattlers and Ada enjoys chewing on them. They fit her little hands very well and all the color combos they have are adorable. I really like the colors of this one! I have been on a turquoise kick here lately!

As I have said before, Ada seems to really enjoy the toys and books from Lamaze. This moose and lion will probably find there way under the tree this year. Aren’t they so cute? And I think Ada is going to be very excited to have these!

Can’t wait till Christmas! I have been looking forward to celebrating the holidays with a little one forever. They help make the holidays so special and fun! I am excited to start our own Christmas traditions. What are your traditions with little ones?

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