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Ada’s First Halloween


I have been looking forward to celebrating Ada’s first holiday for months now. And since she can’t eat candy, we didn’t go trick or treating. It would be a little weird trick or treating with an infant, don’t you think? Instead we had an easy and low key weekend, just hanging out with friends and snuggling with little Ada.

I found Ada’s halloween outfit at Gap and just fell in love with it. I love this little kitty hat and Ada loves looking at this book.

Just look at those cheeks!

Then my mom got her this “mommy’s pumpkin” shirt, which is perfect because I call her my little pumpkin. She will probably be wearing this outfit as much as possible this fall before she outgrows it!

She is such a little wiggle worm! It’s hard to get a decent photo of her because she moves so much. I know that this will only get harder as she gets older!

And Randy was able to finally get some decent photos of Ada and I. I just love this little pumpkin!

We had a nice relaxing Halloween weekend by the fire and I loved dressing up Ada. Hope everyone had a great weekend as well. Now the holiday season has officially begun! Can’t wait for my favorite holiday…. Thanksgiving!





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  1. And where did you get the mug

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