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Ada’s First Thanksgiving

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Thanksgiving is over and our house is empty. 🙁 This year’s Thanksgiving was extra special because it was Ada’s first and we had some dear friends to visit and meet Ada for the first time! We had the best time with our friends and family. I wish they could stay with us forever!





We brined our turkey in maple syrup and sea salt, then cook it in a dutch oven outside using hot coals. The most perfect job for the boys, while the girls take over the kitchen. We have cooked the turkey this way for two years in a row now and it makes the best, most moist turkey.

After dinner we took naps and family photos. And we of course had dessert – pumpkin pie, whipped cream and ginger cookies.

It was awesome to get some photos of our sweet little family too!

It was a wonderful Thanksgiving, especially for Ada’s first! Another holiday come and gone… I can’t wait for Ada’s first Christmas! Happy December First!

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