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Advice and Tidbits – San Francisco

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I like to write these posts because I like to read them. Whenever I am planning a trip, I read travel blogs to help me prepare and to plan. I prefer to read other’s more personal experiences and suggestions over the more commercialized websites. Travel bloggers tend to be more real and write about things that I want to know. Like, what to wear, what you need to pack (besides the obvious) and where you need to go. So here is my post about what I learned on my trip to San Francisco.

1. First things first, pack sunscreen! I forgot mine and had to buy some more while I was there. Our faces got a little burnt the day we went to see the Golden Gate Bridge. Probably a mixture of sun and wind burn, regardless, just pack it!

2. As you all know, San Francisco is a chilly place. But it can also be warm in some parts of the city – so layers are key. I preferred lightweight long sleeves and my utility jacket. Although, the day we went to the bridge, I wished I had on a sweatshirt. But for the most part, the t-shirts did just fine. You will be taking your jacket on and off a lot while you are walking around.

3. San Francisco, in my opinion is very spread out. I studied the map before I arrived (because I am weird like that) and I was surprised how far things were from each other. For instance,  I imagined that the Golden Gate Park and the Golden Gate Bridge were manageable walking distances from each other. And they are, I guess, but it was a much further walk then I realized. Public transportation is key in the city. If you are going to be staying 3 days or longer, I suggest the Muni 3 day pass. It is $26 per person and it gives you 3 days of unlimited access to buses and cable cars. That being said, the buses were very unpredictable, so be prepared to wait or if you are brave you can walk. 😉

4. Bring hair ties and/or hats, if you have long hair. San Francisco can be very windy; which is awesome. The breeze from the bay is cool, refreshing and has a unique sweet smell to it. On the bridge, as you can imagine, it is very windy; so I suggest you wear your hair up or in a hat. Otherwise you will be fighting it all day and have a tangled mess at the end.

5. This is a given, but wear tennis shoes or some sort of shoe that is flat and comfortable. It is very hilly and steep in some parts of the city. The shoes that I wore were Goga Walk2 by Skechers.  They are lightweight, cushioning and supportive. San Francisco locals were casual in their dress and they all definitely wore tennis shoes or flats! The only times I saw people dressed up, were at the bars, so just take a cab for that occasion! 🙂

6. Buy your Alcatraz tickets in advance. We did this last time (the time where my flight was cancelled and I couldn’t go… bad day) and we lost our money on my ticket. And this time around, it was up in the air whether or not if Randy was even going to go. We didn’t know for certain until about a week before our trip. So by the time we knew for certain, the tickets to Alcatraz were sold out. Our situation was different from most, it was a business trip for Randy and it was labor day weekend. But if you plan to go, book in advance – that way you won’t have to worry about it later.

7. Eat at the Grove. It was obviously, my favorite place to eat for breakfast. We went every day! It was truly that amazing. You don’t have to go every day like we did, but go at least once! You will not regret it!

Well, that is my two-cents! I hope you get a chance to visit San Francisco… it truly is such a fun city!



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