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Apple Season Is Here!


Yay! Apple season has arrived! We went to Sky Top Orchard to get honeycrisp apples. They are our favorite and there is only about a 3 week window to get them. They sell out so quickly!

Randy and I at Skytop 2Randy and I at Skytop

We got a bushel of apples to make apple sauce. Making apple sauce is an ALL day thing but it makes the house smell amazing! I give the apples a vinegar bath first. I know how much pesticides goes on these apples! Yikes! But the vinegar bath is suppose to help a little bit.

We got this gadget at an apple orchard last year. It is so handy! It peels, cores and slices the apple all at once! Makes everything so much easier!

peeling apples

Then we let the apples cook. all. day. long. This is the part that makes the house smell so great!

Then we can the apple sauce and you are left with one happy Randy! 🙂


Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! And Happy Hump Day!

2 thoughts on “Apple Season Is Here!

  1. So how many jars did you can?

    • A good amount. If I remember correctly, about 10 1.5 pints and 10 pints. I think… they are all stored away. Randy really packs up our canned good nice and tight in our pantry! 🙂

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