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Birthday and Music

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The blog is back up and running! Woot woot! Moving on!

Last weekend my brother and his wife came up to spend the weekend with us. We got to celebrate my brother’s 26th birthday together! So I put together all of his favorite things!


Red velvet cupcakes!


Cosmic brownies!




Birthday popcorn!


And legos!




A heart-rate monitor! He has been running for a while so we thought he could use one of these.


And they brought their sweet little puppy, Indie. She loved the fireplace! Isn’t she the cutest?


The next day we took them to the Brew and View in Asheville. Here they make one of the best beers, Ninja Porter. The restaurant is covered in movie posters, which my brother loved! There is a movie theater here as well, where you can watch a movie for $3. But unfortunately, the movies they were showing that weekend were nothing we wanted to see. So we just enjoyed the beer and pizza.






We also went to Moe’s Original BBQ. We tired to hit all the restaurants in Asheville that they love.




We had a wonderful weekend with my brother and his wife. We miss having them with us so much! We hope that one day they can move back to Asheville. That day cannot happen soon enough!

Later in the week, Randy and I went to Winter Jam Kiss Country concert at the Orange Peel in downtown Asheville. I am not much for country music, but I had a great time with my friends.


Me and the girls. We discovered that we are fans of Chuck Wicks this night! šŸ™‚


Randy and Jacob.


I took this photo of Randy and Jacob and just started dying laughing. The guy behind them apologized and said that the couldn’t help but to photo bomb. If you are fans of the Chive then you know what I am talking about. I am glad that the guy behind us had such a great sense of humor!


We had a great, busy weekend and week. The rest of the week we focused on work and organizing the house. We have made some improvements on the house which I am excited to share! Next time! šŸ˜‰

Hope everyone has a wonderful Sunday!


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