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This past weekend we went to my family’s to celebrate my grandfather’s 88th birthday, my sister’s 37th birthday, my nephew’s 17th birthday and my brother’s 26th birthday. Lots of birthdays! It was the first time we had all of my family together, in one place, in a long time. It was really nice to see everyone and I think it really made my grandfather’s birthday.

But what really made my weekend very special was my grandfather. As we arrived at my grandparent’s house, my grandfather gathered us all in the living room. One by one he placed his hand on our shoulder and prayed a blessing for us. It has always been important to my grandfather that we follow the Lord and my grandfather has always been the ultimate example for all of us.

Psalm 138:8 – “My children will fulfill God’s will and purpose for their lives.”

He would take a few moments to tell us how proud he was of each of us and how blessed he was to have his family. I don’t believe their was a single dry eye in the room.

Psalm 127:3 – “My children are a reward and gift from the Lord, and I will enjoy them.”

It was probably the most touching moment I have ever experienced with  my family. Us Greenes, are not a very talkative group, especially regarding feelings. 😉 But pa-paw expressed it all in the best possible way. I just wish that I had recorded it or filmed it so I could look back on that memory again and again.

Afterwards we enjoyed a wonderful meal. My mom’s wonderful salad, my aunt’s meatballs, my grandmother’s traditional jalapeno cornbread… mmm… my mouth is watering just thinking about it!

I brought red velvet icebox cookies. Little note: if you make these, let them sit, iced, for a little while. Otherwise, they are a bit crunchy!

(Recipe came from SugarHero, but the recipe is down below.)




My little cousin really liked the cookies! 🙂


After eating we took family photos. Randy and I unfortunately forgot our camera… I know! Worst thing! But I did have my point and shoot camera, which was better than nothing. The pictures are not great, but at least we have some.


It took a couple of times to get a good shot! 🙂


I believe this one turned out to be the best one.



Me, my siblings and my grandparents.


Next mom wanted some pictures of just me and my siblings.


And we had some fun with it. 🙂




And this is where we use to eat breakfast whenever we spent the night as kids. It is a little bit tighter than I remembered! 😉


Our weekend was a blast! I hope you had a wonderful weekend. And it is my hope that you can spend quality time with your families as much as possible. I know that it can be difficult to find the time and gathering everyone from different cities is near impossible. But family really is one of the greatest gifts that God has given us. And I think that every second spent with family is a precious one and one that is worth working for.

I hope everyone’s week has gone well! Happy Friday Eve!

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