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Pine Nuts & Noses

Ada has always been a little different from other children her age, in a good way, of course. For instance, she has never been one to put things in her mouth or place things in funny places. I have never needed to worry about Ada playing with little toys or things. But that all changed a few nights ago.

Randy was away for business so it was just the two of us. Ada was sitting in her highchair eating a snack while I was chopping vegetables for our dinner. She was snacking on some pine nuts, which she has had dozens of times before. I was watching her occasionally while I was cooking and during one of my checks, Ada had this panic look in her eyes and I saw a pine nut in her nose. As soon as I saw what was happening, I dropped everything and ran to her to pull out the pine nut. But as soon as I got to her, she decided to sniff. And sniff hard. That pine nut went shooting up her nose.

I yanked her from her highchair and was trying to explain to Ada to blow her nose. She obviously had no idea what I was getting her to do because she just kept sniffing. Pulling that pine nut even further into her nose. I tried laying her down on the bed and using a flashlight to see where the pine nut ended up. I couldn’t see it anywhere. So I tried calling Randy, my parents, and my friend to figure out what in the world I should do to get the pine nut out. In my panic state, I decided to take her in to the ER.

Now as a back story, it didn’t help that I just watched a video on FB about a little girl who stuffed something up her nose. The doctor was too scared to try to pull it out because he thought he would just push it up further. Causing them to operate to get the object out of her sinuses. So this video was fore front in my brain… I just knew that the pine nut was too high for anyone to pull out.

On my way to the ER, I heard Ada sneeze a few times but I didn’t stop to check the pine nut, I just kept driving. My friend advised me to call the pediatrician, which was good advice. So glad someone was thinking logically. By the time I got the pediatrician on the phone, I was sitting in the parking lot at the ER. The pediatrician told me to just let it go and to not worry about it. The pine nut will eventually slide through her sinuses, down her throat, and into her belly. I was shocked that is what she suggested. She wanted me to sleep knowing that my daughter had a pine nut her nose! It was going to be a long night.

So I went back home. When we got home and I started getting Ada out of her carseat, I noticed that a pine nut was sitting on her chest. She apparently sneezed it out before we even got to the ER. *Cue huge sigh of relief* I am so relieved that we avoided our first ER visit, at least for now! 😉

At this time, my parents returned my call and I explained to them what just happened. They thought it was hilarious and my dad told me that Ada is just like her great grandfather. My dad told me the story of my grandfather placing a dry pinto bean up his nose. And as you know, as dry beans get wet they expand. So the bean expanded and got stuck. They made a tool to help get out the bean and created a funny poem to go along with this story.

“Little Johnny Greene

Up his nose he stuck a bean

Who got it out?

Little Eddie Stout.”

Now if only I could figure out a poem for Ada’s little pine nut incident. Anyways, I am just glad that everything turned out just fine and that I can laugh about it now. Moral of the story… no more pine nuts.

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Cozy Favorites

The cold mountain weather has arrived making it so all I want to do is snuggle up by the fire with a cup of hot cocoa (with extra marshmallows, of course!). This is my favorite part of winter. I look forward to the cold days just so we can use our fireplace. Ada is fascinated by the fireplace and we have been teaching her that is hot. So now every time she sees it she holds her little hand out and says, “ah-it.” It is pretty darn cute!


With this cold weather, I have been living in cozy, comfy clothes. So I gathered up my favorites for both mamas and minis.


One: The gray sweatshirt has been my go to this week. It has everything I want in a sweatshirt – thumb holes, no hoodie, soft, and warm.

Two: I am in love with this scarf! I love the pattern and colors. It is on my wish list for Christmas this year.

Three: I wear a big, warm cardigan all the time when it is cold. It is what I constantly grab on my way out to run errands. Makes me feel a little bit more put together, even though I am not!

Four: Hats are definitely my thing and always have been. But now they are necessary, since I don’t always have the time to wash my hair every day! 😉 And pom pom beanies are so cute for both mamas and minis!

Five: This gray magical shirt for Ada, is seriously the softest thing I have ever touched. I wished it came in my size, too!

Six: Are these not the cutest little boots you have ever seen?! This is going on my wish list for Ada for Christmas; because every girl needs a cute pair of boots!

Seven: Another cardigan from Old Navy that is just so perfect!

And look! I was able to capture Ada’s sweet little smile! It is so hard to get a photo of her smiling. She is either looking away or staring into your soul. I love this shy, sweet girl of mine!



I hope you are staying warm and happy Friday ya’ll!


One Year & Family Photos

Taking family pictures with a little one can be difficult, at best. Obviously, when Ada was a newborn it was easy. But now that she is more interested in moving around and playing, it is much harder. Thankfully, we teamed up with our best friends, who have a little one, to get our family photos done together!

It is so hard to get a picture of Ada smiling. I promise you that she does smile, just not in front of a camera!


We were able to get one picture of Ada smiling, but her hands are in her mouth. Close enough!



Floral Dress / Heels / Blue Polo


And probably my favorite picture from the whole day – my daughter and I with my bestie and her son! I am definitely framing this one!


Since it was so hot that day, it was difficult to get decent pictures of Ada. So a few days later I took some more at home and love how they turned out!


That face just kills me! She is such a little goober and I love it! Poor kid gets it honestly!


I adore this vintage style dress! I got it at a consignment shop months ago and have been waiting for it to fit her. It is still a little big, but I still love it! The top has beautiful, dainty embroidery and buttons and the dress is trimmed in tiny lace – what’s not to love?!



I am very grateful that we were able to get some photos at this time of our lives and a special shout out to our friends for helping us out! I know that these pictures will be treasured and ones that I will look back on in the years to come. Happy birthday my darling Ada Marie!

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Mama + Mini Monday: ASU

Football season is upon us. Not that Randy and I are particular huge sport fantatics. In fact, this video pretty much sums up how Randy and I feel about sports. But I do enjoy what football season brings – cooler weather, hot wings, and hanging out with friends enjoying a cold one. 😉 So I decided to support my alma mater – Appalachian State University, since they will be playing their first game of the season on Thursday – Go Mountaineers!

That face! She is the cutest Mountaineer ever!

ASU is #1! It was just by chance that Randy captured that pose. Perfect timing!

Hope you have a great Monday!

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Nine & Ten Month Favorites

I am running a bit behind on my monthly favorites; luckily, nine and ten months didn’t differ much. Ada’s favorite toys right now are any toys that play music. She can’t get enough of them! She loves to dance, clap, and sing along! It is seriously, the cutest thing ever! So here is a list of our favorites these past two months:


Blocks – I gave Ada these blocks months ago and she has shown almost no interest in them until now. Now she loves to chew on them, throw them, and she is now learning how to stack them. Although, her favorite thing to do with them is watch mommy build a block tower, which she quickly destroys. #blocktowerdestroyer (And the colors are beautiful!)

Snail – My parents got this toy for Ada, upon my request. I was hoping that a toy that moved would inspire her to chase it – that was hopeful thinking on my part. When she first got this toy, she was absolutely terrified of it. (That was something else I didn’t expect.) But now she really likes it. She likes to watch it roll pass her and she claps along to the music. She also enjoys trying to catch it as it closely rolls pass her. She is very proud of herself when she does catch it. The shell is great too, it can be used as a small stackable tower. Hopefully, she will one day want to chase it down, instead of sitting there waiting for it to come to her!

Sippy Cup – We loved our other sippy cup and it was a great first, but I felt like Ada had to hold her head way back to get water out of it. So I did some research and this sippy cup was the highest rated. It took Ada about two weeks to figure it out and now she can suck down some water! She loves it and we take it everywhere with us – especially since it has been so hot outside here lately. I love the weighted straw. No matter what position the cup is in, Ada can get water out of it. It also seems pretty durable, she has thrown it and dropped it so many times. It doesn’t even have a scratch on it!

Cell Phone – Since she loves playing telephone and is so interested in my cell phone, I decided to get her very own. She loves it and her favorite part is pressing the music button (of course!). I like the lanyard on it, because I can easily attach it to her stroller bar and she is unable to throw it out! This phone has given her hours of entertainment in the car and on the go. #lifesaver

Num Num – These num num sticks have been great at teaching Ada how to feed herself. And they are awesome teethers! Ada really does try to feed herself with these. She can get the food to her mouth, but she hasn’t quite mastered getting the food on the stick. She tries; she can place the stick on top of her food and then waits for me to dip it for her. It won’t be long now before she figures how to do it all by herself. Man, she is growing up so fast! Oh, and letting her use these makes a horrible mess! She loves to throw the num num full of sticky fruit puree! But let her be little, right?

Stand Table – I am actually surprised how much Ada loves this table. Now she can’t stand up on her own, I have to balance her on my leg (great workout for mommy). But she loves pressing the buttons, seeing all the lights, and of course, dancing to the music! I think it is a toy she will still love as she gets older. Especially, when she can stand up on her own!

Teething Wafers – I know these are not particularly nutritional, but Ada loves them and they provide enough entertainment for her while she watches me cook dinner. I place her in her high chair, give her one of these, and she is good to go for a good 45 minutes!

Hope everyone is having a great week! Happy Hump Day!


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My Breastfeeding Story

I have debated writing this story since Ada was born because breastfeeding is such a touchy subject for parents. There is so much shaming and opinion when it comes to parenting; especially when it comes to breastfeeding. And I am already the type of person that is hard on myself, so I don’t need additional criticism in my life. But then I thought, what if someone out there has had the same experience as me?  What if there is a mom out there who needs some encouragement? So hear it goes.

Before Ada was born, I had this idea in my head that breastfeeding Ada was going to be easy. I mean, I knew at first it wouldn’t be; but everyone told me that it would improve in time. You just have to keep working at it. Well, let me tell you, that is not how it worked for me.

Breastfeeding at first was hard; very hard. The first three weeks I felt like I was going crazy. Getting up every hour or two and then having a baby tugging and pulling at my very sore, bleeding nipples was not what I had imagine breastfeeding would be like. Not only did it hurt and make me bleed, but breastfeeding also made me extremely nasuous. I had to keep a bag close at hand every time Ada latched on, just in case.

But I kept at it. At week three, I developed flu like systems and could barely get out of bed. Not to mention, that my breasts were killing me. I am pretty sure I had mastitis, even though a doctor told me I didn’t. At this point, I had to resort to pumping because I couldn’t handle the pain any longer. I was about to quit then and there, but others encouraged me that it would get better. Not to mention, that every medical professional was pressuring me to keep breastfeeding, so that is what I did. I kept working on it.

Things improved a little bit, but not that much. To be honest, at this point, I was just glad that the nausea had mostly dissipated. Ada and I would have good days and bad days when it came to her latching. After six weeks of breastfeeding and still having discomfort, the pediatrician suggested taking Ada to a specialist to see if her tongue tie needed to be cut. When the specialist could not give me a direct yes or no answer, we decided against it. I wasn’t going to cut her tongue tie, just so I would feel comfortable breastfeeding.

I was getting rather discouraged, at this point, because every medical professional I went to was pressuring me to continue breastfeeding. They would rather I cut my daughter’s tongue tie, that may or may not needed to be done, with no guarantee that it would improve her latch. I felt like these doctors and specialists were not helping, but in fact making me feel more stress. I visited lactation consultants, talked to my mom friends, talked to my doctor, and talked to our pediatrician – but breastfeeding never got easy for me.

For me breastfeeding was a cycle. We would have a good week or two, then Ada would start latching badly again and I would have to resort to pumping. More than once when I pumped, I had so much blood in the milk it looked like strawberry quick! It was disgusting and painful. I think now my nipples are just calloused, but still get sore and bleed to this day. Not only did breastfeeding continue to hurt, but it was a constant battle for me to keep producing enough milk. I ate all the homemade lactation cookies, pumped between feedings, and drank the tea. But improving my supply was always something I had to work at.

After nine months of crying, feeling nauseated, bleeding, exhaustion, and feeling more worry then joy – my breastfeeding days are coming to an end. I am grateful that I have been able to stick it out and breastfeed my baby for this long. It is what is best for her, and breastfeeding really did give us sweet moments together. But to be honest, I am relieved that it is almost over. I sometimes feel guilty for feeling this relief, but after nine months of pain and stress, I am ready to move on.

I am not sure if this was a very helpful or insightful post for anyone, but this has been my breastfeeding journey. I have done the best I could for Ada. She was mostly breastfed but I did have to supplement with formula often, especially now. But you know what? Ada is healthy, happy, and she is a wonderful eater. So to you moms out there who are struggling with breastfeeding or to those who cannot, don’t be so hard on yourself. You are doing a great job and you know what is best for your baby. To all moms, let’s not be so hard on each other and don’t be so quick to judge one another. Instead; listen, encourage, and respect one another as we embark on this wonderful journey of motherhood.



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Nine Months

These past nine months have gone by so much faster than the nine months of pregnancy did! I can’t believe that Ada’s first birthday is only 3 months away! It truly is a blessing to be able to watch Ada grow and learn. But I have to admit that my heart aches every time another month passes. It just reminds me how fast the time with Ada is going and how this time with her will not last forever. Excuse me while I go cry myself a river…

Ok, now that I got my mom emotions under control, on with the post! 😉


Ada weighs 19 lbs and I feel like she is getting taller by the minute! She is about to outgrow her 6-9 months clothing, mostly because she is getting so tall. Her feet are still unbelievably tiny; she can still wear her newborn socks and shoes. They are the sweetest! 🙂 We officially have her first tooth! It just started peeking up through the gums this week. I feel a bit relieved because she has worked so hard for that tooth! Go Ada!


She can officially roll over now! Woo hoo! Now she doesn’t do it, just to do it. She does it when I place her on her tummy, but I am just glad that she can do it. She is moving more. She really reaches for things and can scoot a little while sitting, but not much. I guess she will learn to crawl or walk when she feels good and ready. Ada is a very cautious baby, I have actually never seen such a cautious baby. At this age, babies are usually diving head first into everything, but not Ada. She is very easy going and gentle; which I think is endearing.


The one thing I do not have to worry about with Ada is her eating habits. She has been so easy when it comes to eating. She will eat whatever I put in front of her. She will eat any kind of fruit or veggie, and she loves chicken and beef. All these foods she can eat pureed or diced. She is getting to the point now where she doesn’t want pureed. She wants what I am eating and the more flavor, the better. She will eat salsa, garlic, dill pickles, and seasoned roasted veggies and chicken. I am glad that she enjoys flavor because we love flavor in this house! 😉 Her favorite food this month has been my mom’s homemade pasta e fagioli – I can’t blame her, it is my favorite too!


Her vocabulary hasn’t changed much. While we were visiting my parents Ada did start saying nana, which made my mom oh so happy. 🙂 She is saying mama a lot here lately, I guess because she hasn’t felt very well these past few weeks. I don’t mind, I love hearing her saying mama. She has started blowing raspberries, which she thinks is the funniest thing ever. And it is pretty darn cute to watch her make that noise, then look up with those big, beautiful blue eyes, and giggle. I love this sweet, silly girl!











We are so blessed to have you as a daughter, Ada Marie! We love you to the moon and back! Happy 9 months!

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8 Month Favorites

8 months is a fun age! I feel like I say that every time I do a monthly favorite. I guess it is just fun to watch Ada grow and learn to do new things. Right now, Ada is starting to grab everything in her reach. So her favorite things to play with, is everything that isn’t a toy! 🙂 But here is a small list of our favorites this month:

8 months

Puffs – Ada is now feeding herself… I know, right?! She is feeding herself! I started her on these puffs to help teach her to feed herself and they have done just that. She loves to feed herself and these puffs are great for little fingers to pick up.

Stacker – This stacker has been a great toy for Ada. I love that it is made of silicone, so it is great for her to chew on. It is a small stacker, about 6 inches tall. I like that it is small for Ada’s small hands and she loves to launch these pieces across the room!

Lovie – We are late on getting her a lovie and I wish we had started a little sooner. Ada loves her blankets, but it makes me nervous to leave one in the crib for her at night. So we got her this lovie so she can hold on to something at night. It took a few weeks for her to become attach to it, but now she uses it every night. This lovie is made from the same company that makes my favorite burp cloths. It is very soft and not to mention, adorable!

Activity Triangle – She has had a blast with this activity triangle. It came with the elephant as well, but she doesn’t like it as much. I guess she will learn to play with that one later. But the triangle is great and she spends a lot of time playing with it.

Stroller – We love this stroller! This is one thing that we have used since she was a newborn and will continue to use for a long time after. The best thing about this stroller is that it grows with your baby. The newborn carseat clicks into this stroller, which is great when you have a sleeping newborn and do not want to disturb her. You just grab the seat, click her in the stroller and you are good to go. The toddler seat is something that we have just started using and Ada loves it. Now that she can hold herself up well, she loves sitting in it and looking around. We have been using the stroller a lot here lately, now that warmer weather has finally come to the mountains! 🙂

Mini Spatulas – Ada grabbed this off the kitchen counter one day and has not stopped playing with it. It has actually been the best teether for Ada. It is small enough for her to manipulate with her little hands and it fits in her little mouth very well. She loves chewing on this thing! Who knew, right?

Happy Hump Day ya’ll! Hope you have a great day!

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8 Months

Today my little Ada is 8 months old… 8 months old! She is growing and changing so fast! She now weighs 18 pounds and in the 80 percentile in height! I have noticed that she has started to lose some of her baby fat, mostly around her thighs. They are just not as chubby as they use to be! But she is still rocking those kissable, chubby cheeks!

Ada hasn’t given any indication that she wants to crawl, but we are working on rolling. She has the movements down pat, but hasn’t discovered that they are useful to help her get from A to B; at least, not yet. I am sure that she will be rolling on her own very soon, although she is perfectly content to sit and play with her toys right now. She is reaching further for objects now and is curious about everything around her. I am hoping that curiosity will be what motivates her to start moving. I am sure she will move about when she is good and ready. She does get the stubborn gene, honestly; from both sides! 😉


Ada is very gentle and easy going. She is grabbing for things, more than she was; but she is still so very gentle about it. It is actually so sweet watching her grab for something new. She gets a little hesitant before going for it – like she is asking permission to take it. Ada is pretty much happy all the time, as long as either Randy or I am with her. 😉 This might prove to be problematic here soon when we have our 30th birthday party!


The new game that she loves to play right now, is telephone. I will pretend that the baby monitor is a phone and place it over her ear. She just smiles and giggles every time! I guess I need to find her a toy phone to play with; any suggestions? Ada still loves to play peek-a-boo and will now hold her blanket over her face, bring down the blanket, and say, “Boo!” I have noticed this past month that she is looking at things and calling them by name. She is saying; mama, dada, kitty, hey, bath, and boo. I am not sure which word was her first official word; probably dada but it could have been mama… or kitty. 🙂


Ada has now started to dance! It is the greatest thing ever! Whenever she is sitting with all her toys and she is in a good mood; she will start moving up and down to her own humming or to music playing in the background. She just started this a few days ago and it just makes me smile every time she does it. I love seeing her in such a happy mood! Although, this poor child will most likely have our dance moves when she starts walking… bless her heart!


Ada enjoys being outside and has just started sitting in her big girl stroller!!! She loves it! We take walks around the neighborhood every day, weather permitting. She just sits there looking at all the trees and talks away; all the while, sporting her new pink shades. Isn’t she the coolest baby? 😉




Ada Marie, you are so very loved! We are the luckiest parents in the world and you have made us so very happy! Happy 8 Months!

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Farewell 2015 – Our Year in Pictures

Happy New Year’s Eve! 2015 has been an amazing year! It has been so much fun looking back on all our memories and seeing how much our lives have changed; for the better, of course!

valentines 1

13 weeks











Project Nursery 01


image3 2


birth annoucement

Week Three 33

Week Five 27

This has certainly been the best, most exciting year of our lives, so far! I look forward to another year of adventures with Randy and now with our sweet little girl!

I wish you the happiest New Year! Cheers!