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Deck the Halls

Fa la la la la la la la la!

We are less than one week away from Christmas and we are all super excited… a little tired & a little wired (name that movie), but excited! I now understand why people start decorating for Christmas before Thanksgiving. Since it took me three weeks to get the house decorated, and I was only able to finish because I had help from family, I believe I am on board the Decorate Before Thanksgiving Train. Next year, I would love to enjoy the decorations for longer than two weeks! 😉 So without further ado, here is our holiday home tour!

Scroll: Cotton Wood Shanty 

Stocking Holders: Target

Stockings & Tree Skirt: Ballard Designs 

Candlesticks on Mantle: Magnolia Market

Bedding: Anthropologie

Bed Frame: Charles P. Rogers 

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Mama + Mini Monday: Hearts

‘Tis the season for heart-shaped everything! It is so easy and fun to celebrate and decorate for Valentine’s Day. And with all the Christmas decor gone, Ada is loving all the heart shapes and fun colors! She has been loving how I cut her food into heart shapes. She just points at her pancakes saying, “Heart, heart!”

Not to mention, all the clothes for littles’ this time of year are so adorable! I just love all the hearts, cute sayings, and cheery colors!

Just like this sweatshirt and leggings from Old Navy. Not only are they super cute, but they are soft and warm. Perfect for this wintry rain we have been having lately.

We celebrated with our friends last weekend, by taking fun photos and eating homemade heart-shaped pizzas. You can find my favorite pizza dough recipe here. I used a heart-shaped cookie cutter to cut out pepperoni hearts (it was harder than I thought it was going to be!). But they turned out cute and delicious! 😉

The photo back drop was just plastic tablecloths and the two banners came from Target. The heart garland was something I made using my Cricut machine and bakers twine.

My t-shirt is from Hello Apparel and I have had it for years. They no longer carry this design but they have a sweatshirt that is similar that I love!

As you can tell, Ada was thrilled to have her picture taken with me. 🙂

But I was able to get a few good ones of Ada.

I hope you all have a wonderful week full of love and hearts – lots of hearts! 😉

“But the greatest of these is love.” 1 Corinthians 13:13


Christmas at Home

I have really, really struggled on decorating our home for Christmas this year. I would put together something, then tear it down. Then I would hang up something, leave it there for a day or two and then tear it down again. I did this for about two weeks! But I can gladly say, that I have finally completed our decorations for Christmas! Whew! Just in time, uh?

Although I struggled this year, I love decorating my home for Christmas. Especially, since Ada loves it all! Every time she sees the tree she says, “Tree… Lights… Pretty.” It makes me so happy to see how much she enjoys it all. This season is just so joyous and I am grateful that I get to make beautiful memories with Ada and Randy! I hope you enjoy this little glimpse into our home!

One of my favorite Christmas decorations that I look forward to pulling out every year, is this nativity set. I love it and I am so glad that we have something like this to have as a family tradition and heirloom.

A special shout out to my dear friend who inspired my mantle this year. She had this gorgeous scroll hanging above her fireplace and I just had to have one, too! I have been looking for a Christmas sign to put above the fireplace for years now and this is perfect! You can purchase it here. She is working on some new designs that you can peek at on Instagram – there is one that I need for my bedroom…. now to convince Randy that I need this one too… 😉

We got to add another stocking this year! I couldn’t get her stocking last year because they sold out! So I bought it early this year. You can get these stockings here.

The tree skirt is from here.

I think these Santa hat glasses are so cute! I have had them for years and love drinking my eggnog in them! You can buy them here. And of course, one of my favorite candles that smells like Christmas! The white tray is from Pier1.

For our dining table, I used a wooden box that my dad made me. He used barn wood from his old barn. I love it and keep it out all year long.

We do not have a bar cart – which is sad! 😉 But I use this little corner in the kitchen to make our favorite drinks. This year’s favorite, Moscow Mules.

Happy Friday ya’ll!

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Deck the Halls

Christmas through a child’s eyes is truly magical. Even though Ada is just over a year old, watching her excitement has to be the best thing ever . This past week we put up our Christmas tree and decorated it together as a family. Ada is in love with Christmas trees and loves having one in our house. She loved helping put ornaments in the tree almost as much as throwing them across the room. Good thing we have shatter-proof ornaments – they have been put to the test this week.

Ada has had a blast playing with the ornaments. She has been taking them out of the tree, throwing them around, handing them to me, putting them back into the tree, and carrying one around the house most of the day. She is pretty much always covered in glitter and so is the house. But I wouldn’t have it any other way. What is it that they say? “Leave a little sparkle wherever you go.” That’s my girl, Ada! 😉

Sorry for all the floating green orbs – it is difficult to take pictures of Christmas lights. If anyone has any suggestions on taking photos of lights without flare or how to edit them – please share!

I am pretty sure that Ada’s favorite part was the star on top of the tree. When Randy turned it on she just gazed up at it in wonder. Then spent a good 10 minutes pointing at it and saying, “Star!” Yeah, it was pretty darn cute!


We spent the day in our Christmas pjs, listening to Christmas music, decorating the tree, and sipping on eggnog. Well, we were enjoying some eggnog; Ada got to enjoy some Reddi Wip – ok, we all enjoyed some Reddi Wip. 🙂

She is such a little goober! I am guessing this picture was taken after the Reddi Wip – sugar rush perhaps?

Ada’s pjs / Ada’s Red Bow / Ada’s Moccs / My leggings (similar) / Randy’s pjs (similar)

I hope you are all having a wonderful week filled with Christmas cheer! Happy first of December!

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Ada’s First Easter

Happy Easter to you all! We had a wonderful Easter weekend here at the Maples’ house filled with faith, family and fun! As you all know, I have been planning Ada’s first Easter for some time now. I purchased her Easter dress months ago and have been counting down to Easter ever since! Did I mention that holidays are so much more fun with kids? 😉



I love how she has her feet crossed in this photo. Just like the sweet little lady that she is! 🙂


I was pleasantly surprised at how excited Ada was to get her Easter basket. She loved the books and toys I got her, so mama for the win! 😉

Easter 2016

Easter 2016

I just love her beautiful smile! That smile never fails to brighten up my day!

Easter 2016

Easter 2016


Since Easter has come and gone so quickly, I believe I am going to leave all the Easter decorations up for a while. I love the colors and I want to enjoy them for a little while longer. Plus, Ada loves playing with her plastic Easter eggs. She enjoys looking at her reflection in the metallic part of the egg and taking them with her into the tub.


We had a lovely weekend together with my parents. Ada just loves all the attention when family comes to visit. I just wish that all of our family lived next door! Then every day would feel like a holiday… right? 😉

I like how our family photo turned out. We took about 20 pictures and this is the only one that turn out well. Photographing a family with a baby is tough! But I am grateful that I got one good one; that is all I really need.

Easter 2016

I hope your Easter weekend was filled with family, love and hope – the hope that only Christ can bring. Happy Friday ya’ll!

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Adding Some Christmas Cheer

I have been a little behind on getting Christmas decorations out this year, probably because time just flies by anymore. I feel like my days go by in a blink of an eye. I guess that this is normal when you are a first time parent.

My days have been looking like this here lately – get up to feed Ada, drink some coffee, play time, fight with her to get her down for a nap, drink some more coffee, clean what I can in the house, do one part of a load of laundry, deal with a cranky baby because her nap wasn’t long enough, try reading books and rocking to help her go back to sleep… oh, it’s 5:00 pm already?! What in the world are we going to have for dinner? Scramble around in the freezer and pantry, and find wine, ice-cream and cereal.

By the time Randy comes home, I’m exhausted with a very overtired baby. Luckily, Randy is extremely understanding and has made some fantastic dinners for us. If it wasn’t for him, I’d probably starve! 😉 As you can see, decorating has not been a high priority this year. But I did manage to get some decorating complete. It was important to me to have a little bit of festiveness around the house; it is after all, Ada’s first Christmas!

It helps to be dressed in cute Christmas pjs to feel like Christmas! And I love that we match! Yeah, I’m that mom! 😉

I absolutely adore these bottle brush trees from Target! I think they are perfect for Ada’s nursery! I bought them on Black Friday and did not receive them till about a week ago. My order, somehow got lost; but Target was super helpful and fixed the problem immediately – so kudos to Target.


I think the colors are perfect for a little girl’s room! I happened to have card stock in these colors, so I made the “Merry & Bright” banner. I just love how it all came together!

And here are some more pictures of Ada in holiday pjs! Isn’t she the sweetest? I sure do love this little baby!



Only a few more days till Christmas! I hope your holiday is merry & bright!

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24 Weeks & Nursery Ideas


Baby Maples is the size of an eggplant!

How far along? 24 weeks
Maternity clothes? yes, but I have been rocking my maxi dresses
Stretch marks? not yet
Sleep: sleep has improved
Best moment this week: having a checkup and finding out that everything is on track and healthy
Miss anything? sleeping on my stomach, my normal clothes and sushi!
Movement: Baby Girl is moving like crazy – she has her daddy’s energy
Food cravings: I could eat cereal just about every meal and still loving fruit and chocolate cake
Food aversions: no
Gender: Girl
Labor Signs: no
Symptoms: acid reflux has been my constant companion this week and my belly stretching hurts; especially around my belly button 🙁
Belly Button in or out? in but getting wider and shallower
Wedding rings on or off? on
Mood: happy but the acid reflux is no fun
Looking forward to: decorating the nursery

I am a little embarrassed to say how long I have been planning and dreaming about my nursery. Let just say, I have been gathering ideas for a long time – which is made evident of my Pinterest account! Any how, I am very excited to finally start buying and putting together all my ideas for this nursery.

I love nurseries that are neutral and elegant. Restoration Hardware has put together the most beautiful and perfect nurseries. When I think of my nursery, I imagine it looking something like this:

I love the grays and creams with pops of color here and there. I would like to incorporate a little bit of pink and mustard yellow into our little girl’s room. I found this crib sheet on Esty and it has been my inspiration for the color scheme. I just love the mixture of these colors.


After finding this sheet, I stumbled upon this nursery:



I love the grey, peach and gold. And I also love that this nursery is girly, but not too over-the-top. It has just enough feminine charm. 🙂

I am so excited to get this nursery together! It has been so much fun shopping for the nursery. I have been using Baby List for my registry and to help me keep track of everything I find and love. This website is amazing! You can put any item from any store/website into one registry! It makes things so much easier; especially since I love baby items from Etsy!

Happy weekend!

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Our Christmas

I know this is a bit late, but I have been under the weather all week. So I have not had the energy to do much of anything, but I’m feeling better!

We had a busy, fun filled Christmas this year. We celebrated Christmas with both my family and Randy’s family.

We spent Christmas Eve and Day with my family. My family met for a Christmas dinner at my grandparents’ house, a tradition that we have had for as long as I remember.

group1 (2)

Photo Courtesy of my Aunt Sharon




Photo Courtesy of my Aunt Sharon


And while the girls cooked, the boys played. 😉


After spending time with my family for Christmas, we rushed back home to prepare Christmas at our house with Randy’s family.

I love my mantle this year. Thanks to my mom for providing the cypress pieces!

Christmas Tree Skirt, Christmas Stockings, Happy Holidays Banner

We opened presents, played card games and of course, enjoyed good food! 😉

And our pets joined in on the fun as well. Well, Tesla hid behind Randy, but she was there. 🙂

We had a marvelous time with our families. It was an absolute joy to host Christmas this year and I look forward to doing it again. I hope everyone had the happiest Christmas with the ones you love!