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Our Easter Weekend

There is something so peaceful about waking up before everyone else in the house. Easter Sunday I was so excited to celebrate this holiday with Ada that I was up before anyone else. Therefore, I got to enjoy a beautiful Easter sunrise while I drank my coffee. The birds were singing, the sky was an array of colors, and I had a few minutes to myself to remember the importance of Easter.

I am pretty sure that I was more excited about giving Ada her Easter basket than anyone else in the house! It took me about two months to complete and I loved everything in there. Especially, the jewelry (necklace & bracelets).

I think Ada was pretty much in love with her basket this year, too. The jewelry was a huge hit and the bunny theme dinnerware was even bigger hit! Who knew, right? 😉

And of course, the bubbles were Ada’s absolute favorite! We will be keeping bubbles in stock for the rest of summer! We have gone outside for bubbles everyday since Easter – rain or shine.

We have had a lot of rain here lately, so we were lucky to squeeze in a quick family photo in between rain storms on Easter. And of course, Ada did not want to take any photos, evident by the tears still in her eyes. But I think we got a few good ones. 😉

I love how she holding onto Randy’s tie in these pictures. I just love these two!

As you can see, Ada does not go anywhere without her lovie – or as she calls it, Hop-Hop. I don’t mind, I think it is the cutest!

Ada’s dress is actually from her one year photo shoot. I was so glad that it still fit 8 months later. I bought this dress about a year ago from a consignment shop. I adore the details; embroidery, buttons, pleating, lace trim – what’s not to love?! Her hat was a another Kidizen find – I have found so many great deals on this app! At church, everyone knew that she was my daughter because of her hat. Wearing a hat on Sunday is kinda my thing. I am just thrilled that Ada loves them as much as I do!

We finished up the day with friends and a beautiful Easter dinner. I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend filled with friends, family, and good eats.

“Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ! According to His great mercy, He has caused us to be born again to a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead, to an inheritance that is imperishable, undefiled, and unfading, kept in heaven for you,” 1 Peter 3-4

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Easter Fun

This past week, we have been in fun Easter mode filled with parks, kiddie pools, fun snacks, and Easter crafts! Ada has just loved every minute of it! In fact, she has been having so much fun that she has been taking 3 hour naps! I finally had the chance to do some of my spring cleaning this week! 😉

With Easter, all the holiday festivities have been so much fun because Ada loves bunnies. So finding bunny themed everything has been the best! Every holiday I try to plan a simple craft to do with her that we can send off to the grandparents. For Easter, Ada tried painting for the first time… in a way. We did a no-mess painting that she enjoyed and I loved because no mess for me to clean up! 😉 Basically, I put washable paint onto a piece of paper and placed it into a ziplock bag (washable paint, because you can never be too careful, right?). From there she just mashed the paint around inside the bag and voila! a beautiful painting! After the paintings dried, I let her stick Easter stickers all over them. (They were bunny stickers, of course!)

And about 2 seconds after this picture was taken, Ada fell off the chair, flat onto her back, on the nice hardwood floor. Yeah, Mom of the Year right here . I felt awful! Luckily, she was fine but is now probably terrified of standing on the chair from here on out. Go me…

After the fall, we moved to the highchair to finish up our craft and to have some chocolate milk. Because chocolate makes everything better, am I right?

The next day the paintings were dry and we finished up the craft with the bunny stickers – on the floor. 😉

Those bunny ears are pretty much the cutest ever! She even picked them out herself and they were only $1.00! She has been wearing them non-stop this week and I certainly don’t mind. Melts my heart every time!

I hope your week has been filled with as much Easter fun as ours! I am looking forward to the weekend and spending time together as a family. And definitely, looking forward to Easter dinner! 😉 Happy Thursday ya’ll!

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Ada’s Easter Basket

I can’t believe that April is almost here and that Easter is just a few short weeks away! I am relieved that Easter is going to be in the middle of April this year. Do you remember last year? Easter was in March and it was freezing cold! Hopefully, this year the weather will be more appropriate for spring attire. 😉 With Easter approaching so quickly, I am glad that Target’s $1 section is full of the cutest Easter-y things. I picked up their sidewalk chalk and bubbles for Ada’s Easter basket and I know that she is going to love them! Here are a few more things that I think will be the perfect addition to her Easter basket.

Every holiday/occasion I give Ada a book (or three) and this year I want to give her this book, “God Gave Us Easter”. It is important to us that Ada understands why we celebrate a holiday. And Jesus’ resurrection is super important and awesome!

Ada has loved coloring for a while, but she is now showing an interest in stickers. So I thought this cute bunny activity book would be perfect for her.

And every girl needs some bling! Ada has really shown an interest in jewelry right now. She tries to put hair ties onto her wrists, like a bracelet. And she loves to wear my chewing necklaces. So I thought it was time to start her jewelry collection. These bracelets are oh so adorable and they can be adjusted so she can’t rip them off and lose them! And the necklaces from Hooray Everyday are perfect!

We spend a lot of time at home in our pjs and I noticed that Ada’s feet stay cold. So I thought a cute pair of bunny slippers would fix that! And considering Ada loves shoes and bunnies – win, win!

Now that spring has arrived and warmer weather is here, I plan on spending all of our time outside. So sidewalk chalk and bubbles will be a lot of fun! Now that Ada is almost walking by herself, I know that she is going to have a blast chasing bubbles in the front yard.

And last, but not least, a beautiful Easter doll. Isn’t this doll gorgeous!? I just love the bunny ears bonnet and the vintage fabric & colors.

I would love to hear what you are putting in your baskets this year! Have a good week ya’ll!

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Ada’s First Easter

Happy Easter to you all! We had a wonderful Easter weekend here at the Maples’ house filled with faith, family and fun! As you all know, I have been planning Ada’s first Easter for some time now. I purchased her Easter dress months ago and have been counting down to Easter ever since! Did I mention that holidays are so much more fun with kids? 😉



I love how she has her feet crossed in this photo. Just like the sweet little lady that she is! 🙂


I was pleasantly surprised at how excited Ada was to get her Easter basket. She loved the books and toys I got her, so mama for the win! 😉

Easter 2016

Easter 2016

I just love her beautiful smile! That smile never fails to brighten up my day!

Easter 2016

Easter 2016


Since Easter has come and gone so quickly, I believe I am going to leave all the Easter decorations up for a while. I love the colors and I want to enjoy them for a little while longer. Plus, Ada loves playing with her plastic Easter eggs. She enjoys looking at her reflection in the metallic part of the egg and taking them with her into the tub.


We had a lovely weekend together with my parents. Ada just loves all the attention when family comes to visit. I just wish that all of our family lived next door! Then every day would feel like a holiday… right? 😉

I like how our family photo turned out. We took about 20 pictures and this is the only one that turn out well. Photographing a family with a baby is tough! But I am grateful that I got one good one; that is all I really need.

Easter 2016

I hope your Easter weekend was filled with family, love and hope – the hope that only Christ can bring. Happy Friday ya’ll!

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Baby’s First Easter

I have had so much fun gathering items for Ada’s Easter basket this year! It can be a little difficult to find stuff for babies but for Easter it was easy! I guess because it is easy to find stuffed bunnies and bunny themed books for little ones! But for anyone out there who needs some last minute Easter basket ideas, here is what is in Ada’s basket!

I usually like to get Ada a pair of pjs or a holiday themed outfit, a toy or stuffed animal, books and hair bows! A simple guideline to help me find things we really like or need for Ada. She can always use clothes, she is growing so fast; books are always a smart and safe choice; and toys are hard to pick out, at least I think so. But she can always use new toys, since she is growing out of certain toy stages rather quickly. 🙂 Plus, it is just fun to get her holiday themed things to celebrate!

I just adore her Easter basket from Pottery Barn! I know it is something that we will continue to use for years to come!

I hope this helps give you a little inspiration and I hope you have a fantastic Easter weekend!


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Five Years in Pictures

Today we celebrate our 5 year wedding anniversary. I can’t believe it has been five years already! It feels like just yesterday when we first met each other in modern physics class. I guess time flies when you are having fun!

Our wedding day, October 17, 2009 – such a perfect day!




Our first apartment with an awesome view!



Our fur-babies!



120509_ 018





Our first house!


When we bought the house 2 years ago!

Our first house! April 2011

We have renovated a house together!





We have celebrated together.

Halloween 2011_02



Small Group Christmas 2013-18

We have shared many adventures together.

us at sunrise

Randy in the hammock


We have traveled to Colorado, the Bahamas, San Francisco and Italy together!

Mount Evans 220



trevi fountain

We have laughed together and cried together. But mostly laugh!

us laughing

us and icecream

We have done so many great things and have made such wonderful memories – and we have done all these things together. There have been times of hardships and struggle, but that has only made us stronger.

You have been my best friend, my partner in crime, my helper, my teacher, my comedian, my comforter – my husband. I couldn’t have asked for a better partner in life. God has blessed me above all reasoning and I am eternally grateful.

Thank you for just being you. I love you, always forever.

I look forward to 100 more years of adventures with you!

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Easter Weekend

We had a wonderful Easter weekend filled with family, fun times and of course, good food.

On our way to my parents, we stopped by this coffee shop in the quaint little town of Black Mountain (where Randy and I were married 🙂 ). I ordered the nutella mocha and it has forever changed my view on coffee drinks! It was fantastic! The barista took a large spoonful of nutella and mixed it with expresso. As she was mixing she asked me how much I like nutella, I replied that I loved it. She then proceeded to give me the espresso drenched nutella spoon. Oh my goodness! It was heaven!


I picked these pretty flowers up for my mom. I believe I am going to plant some blue thistle in my backyard. I love that intense blue color!


The next day, all the ladies got a mani & pedi. I haven’t had one since before Italy. It definitely was a treat!


Later that day we had a family get together with all of my family at my grandparents. I just love how silly and funny my brother is.


The farm where my grandparents live. My family has been in this area for over 200 years.



Gorgeous sunset at the farm.


Sunday morning we of course went to church together. And we all dressed in our Easter best!


My brother… :). He just makes me smile!


My beautiful parents and their dog, Buster.


My handsome brother and his beautiful wife.



Adorable little family! Indy poses so well for pictures.


My beautiful big sister, her handsome son and my sister’s fiance.


How cute are they?


My sister-in-law and I.


I am the luckiest girl alive! Don’t I have the most handsome husband ever?!


Being silly. So grateful to have a husband who understands my quirkiness and who can laugh with me!


Looking at all these photos, I am remind how blessed I am. I have a beautiful, talented, funny family without whom I would be lost. I have the greatest husband a girl could ask for and to top it all off, I have amazing shoes! 😉 “Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.”

But seriously, I feel truly blessed and I know exactly where all these blessings come from. So all my thanks goes to you, Lord! 🙂

I hope your Easter was filled with joy and relaxation surrounded by all your loved ones.