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Pumpkin Painting Party

Tis the season for pumpkin everything! And since Ada just loves to paint, I figured a pumpkin painting party would be the perfect way to celebrate fall/Halloween. Plus, carving a pumpkin with a two year old sounds like a terrible mess! This way, we can still decorate a pumpkin without all the cleanup. Win, win!

Last week, the weather was perfect for painting outside. I just cut open a large black garbage bag to put over my table to help contain the paint and we used Crayola’s Washable Paint (which is amazing, btw!). I also had colorful Halloween stickers and pumpkin tattoos for the kids to use.

Inside, we had some tasty goodies to enjoy! Apple cider & pumpkin donuts, s’mores cookies, pretzels, apple slices with caramel, and hot apple cider. The kids were definitely running around with a sugar high by the end of the party. But it was totally worth it! 😉

I found these adorable party favor bags in the dollar section of Target! I just love the bright colors! I filled the bags with fun size bags of M&Ms and they also got to take home a kitty pumpkin tattoo.

We all had so much fun and I had a blast putting it all together! Ada is still talking about painting pumpkins so it sounds like I need to go pick up some more pumpkins! 😉 Happy early Halloween ya’ll!

Party Sources: I found all my Halloween decorations in the dollar section of Target. And I made the paper bats. 

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Birthday Party Details

My favorite thing to read on blogs are all the parties! I love to know how people came up with their ideas and where they found everything. So as promised, I put together all the details and sources for Ada’s second birthday party.

I guess what helped me put the party together, after figuring out the theme, was the invitation. I searched for several weeks to find the perfect invitation and all my research paid off. This invitation was absolutely perfect! I found the invite at SprinklesandLaceCo. She has the cutest invitations ever and so many of them have these adorable little bunnies. I am seriously thinking about having a fall party just so I can use this cute bunny/fall invite.

From there, I started hunting down bunnies and ice cream theme decorations. I really lucked out finding decorations this year. Even though I had to shop at several different stores, I was lucky to find what I wanted. For instance, the photo booth backdrop, is a sprinkle plastic tablecloth that I found at Hobby Lobby. The sprinkle ice cream cups I found two days before the party in Target’s $1 section. See what I mean? Luck. 😉

I ordered the Happy Birthday banner from my favorite store, Hooray Everyday. Now I will have a birthday banner to use every year. During my research, I stumbled upon a new store, Pearl & Jane, and I am in love with her garlands! She made me two bunny garlands that are so sweet! I definitely plan to use these two garlands in Ada’s room and playroom.

The tassel & ice cream garland is something that I made. I found the ice cream printouts here. I loved this garland so much, that I actually kept it just in case we have another ice cream party (I usually throw tassel garlands away because they are so hard to store!). All the balloons came from StudioPrep. The ice cream party balloons perfectly matched the party and Ada just loved them! We played with them for a week after the party.

The bunny bubbles came from ShopSweetLulu and the ice cream bubbles came from Hobby Lobby.

During all this time trying to find everything for Ada’s party, I found a book collection called Belle & Boo. It is about a little girl, named Belle and her best friend, a bunny named Boo. I love the books and illustrations. They remind me so much of my sweet little girl and all her adventures with her hop-hop. On the website they offer many free printables, including cupcake wrappers and coloring pages. The Belle & Boo collection inspired the cake; which came from Perfectly Pretty Sweets. They make the greatest cake and buttercream frosting ever!

I used the bunny on the cupcake wrappers and made all the food tents/labels. I kept all these too because they turned out to be so adorable! I really hope we have another ice cream party sometime!

Ada’s dress came from Gap and is something that I have been holding onto for months! I love the colors and I am hoping that she can wear it again on our beach trip later this year. Keeping my fingers crossed for that one, she is growing like a weed! Ada’s necklace came from Claire’s and was a last minute find as well. Her hair bows came from ZozuBaby, but she is sold out. You can find a similar bow here. And my dress is from Anthro.

I loved this party theme, not only because it was so much fun to plan but because it was filled with all the things that Ada loves. It was so great to have a whole day (or a week) to celebrate my sweet girl. We are so incredibly blessed!

Now who wants to throw an ice cream party so we can use all these use decorations again? 😉 Happy Hump Day ya’ll!

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Ada’s 2nd Birthday Party


For the past couple of months, I have been planning and pinning ideas for Ada’s birthday party. At first, I thought Tea for Two would be so much fun. Then I got to thinking about the logistics of giving a tea party to several two year olds and promptly changed my mind. I started thinking about the things Ada loves most and that is how I came up with her party theme. So the Bunny Ice Cream party was born! I had so much fun putting this party together and I really hope that I can do one just like it again someday. And what better way to send off summer than with an ice cream party, am I right? 😉

The whole day was filled with all the things Ada loves – bunnies, ice cream, birthday cake, coloring, bubbles, and all her friends & family. Ada had an absolute blast and loved being the center of attention. So much so, that she gave us all a wonderful dance to her favorite song, “Animals”, by Maroon 5. I just love this silly girl of mine!

We had such a wonderful time hanging out with our friends & family, drinking spiked ice cream floats and taking pictures at the photo booth.

And of course, I think Ada’s favorite part of the day was eating birthday cake.


Well, I think it was all the kid’s most favorite part of the day. 😉

Opening presents with Ada this year was way better than last year! She got right into tearing up the paper and was so excited for all her new toys. Her enthusiasm was the sweetest thing ever!

The day was just so perfectly sweet! Having all our friends & family there to celebrate our darling girl was the sweetest and it meant the world to us. We are so incredibly blessed with loving friends & family. Thank you to all who came and making our little girl’s day so special.

Happy 2nd Birthday, my darling Ada Marie! You bring so much happiness and love to our family and we are so blessed to call you ours. We love you!



P.S. I plan on writing a post regarding all my party sources. Just stay tuned for all the party details! 😉 


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Welcome to Oz: Our Halloween

I have been patiently impatiently waiting to do family costumes for Halloween for a long time now, and this year my dream came true! We had a blast dressing up together and I hope to continue to do so for years to come!

This year we were : Glinda the Good Witch, little Dorothy Gale, and the Great and Powerful Wizard of Oz!

For mine and Randy’s costumes we were inspired by the movie, “The Great and Powerful Oz.” Plus, it was easy to replicate their versions of the characters. I don’t exactly have a big, pink ball gown laying around, like what Billie Burke wore on, “The Wizard of Oz.” 😉 But I do have a dress similar to what Michelle Williams wore. All I had to add was a crown and ta da! Glinda the Good Witch.

Randy just wore one of his suits and I found a bow tie and top hat for him to wear from Amazon. Ada’s dress came from a consignment shop and I have been holding on to it for about 6 months now. Luckily, it fit her beautifully! Her shoes came from Gap and her red glitter bows came from BeckandBelle. I did get some thick, white tights for Ada to wear because it is always freezing cold on Halloween. But this year, was the first year that I can remember that it was in the high 70s for Halloween. Say what? But I was grateful for the beautiful day, because we were able to enjoy outside and take cute pictures of Ada.

Those pigtails just kill me!

We celebrated Halloween by taking Ada to a local petting zoo that was having a Halloween party. She had a blast! She loves farm animals right now. She “moo-ed” and “baa-ed” all through the zoo. It was the cutest ever! Our dear friend came along, too, with her adorable son.

Halloween 2016

Halloween 2016

Halloween 2016

Halloween 2016

I think Ada’s favorite animal was the bunny. Her lovie that she sleeps with every night is a bunny, so she just loved seeing and petting a real one.

Halloween 2016

Halloween 2016

They had music playing and a dance party as well. They played Ada’s favorite song, “Old MacDonald”; which she tries so hard to sing, “E-I-E-I-O”. Makes my heart melt every time!

Halloween 2016

After the petting zoo, we all came back to our house to have a simple Halloween party. Our babies were about to lose it about this time, so Ada did not stay up long after getting put into her costume. But we still had fun together taking photos of everyone! I made this photo backdrop to use for our pictures. The kids thought it was awesome and tore up all the yellow brick road bricks and hid behind the rainbow.

Isn’t Aldrick the cutest scarecrow? It was even better when he was walking around and his little scarecrow feet were flopping around.

And here we have the scarecrow and the cowardly lion. They are so cute!

Overall, we had a wonderful time and look forward to doing it again next year!

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Party Details

Ada's First Birthday Party

I had so much fun planning Ada’s first birthday and I really love how everything came together. One of the best things about the blogging world, is learning and sharing from each other. I love reading posts about parties and how it all came together. So here is my contribution regarding my daughter’s first birthday party.

Since the inspiration came from Ada’s yellow bow, I will start with our outfits!

Ada’s bow is from Free Babes Homemade and her romper is handmade from The Cranky Peach. I love the colors and pattern of her romper. It matched the colors of her party so well! My dress is from ModCloth – you wouldn’t believe how difficult it was to find a dress that was pink and yellow. Who knew!?!

The retro “You Are My Sunshine” prints came from KZukowski. She was great to work with and she even tweaked the colors a little to better match the party. I originally found these prints at thelandofnod.com, but they wanted $40 a piece for them! That was a bit too much! KZukowski was cheaper and I got them custom! They will be perfect for Ada’s nursery/playroom now that the party is over.

The “Ada is One” print is from INVITEDbyAudriana. I used her entire, “You Are My Sunshine”, party pack – it came with invitations, food tents, Ada is One print, and the party favor tags.

The “You Are My Sunshine” banner and woolie ball banner came from Hooray Everyday. Hana was great to work with and she made a custom banner with my party colors. I love how they turned out and plan on using them again in Ada’s nursery/playroom!

I made the monthly milestone banner with baker’s twine and mini clothespins. I love it paired with the woolie ball banner! It adds a beautiful pop of color.

All the brunch food I made was really good! Here are the recipes I used: sausage & cheese quiche, mini chicken & waffles, and ham & cheese pinwheels.

The cakes were made by a friend of ours from Perfectly Pretty Sweets. Not only were the cakes gorgeous, but they tasted amazing! I was so glad to have leftover cake, I got to enjoy it all by myself for several days! (I am going to have to start running now!) If you need a baker in the Asheville area, go to her! You will not regret it!

Ada's First Birthday Party

The script “one” balloon banner came from Shop Sweet Lulu. I love this shop! They have beautiful and unique party supplies, all at a great price! I also got our balloons from here because they had the perfect colors!

The pinwheels came from PaperWeeds. She was great to work with and sent me my pinwheels quickly! Using pinwheels for decorations was one of my favorite ideas! They are so cute and fun! The tassel garland was made by me.

Ada's First Birthday Party

I used PaperWeeds’ pinwheels in my flower arrangements as well. The blue mason jars came from Shop Sweet Lulu, which I love and plan on using them for everything from here on! The “Mimosa Bar” sign was made by me as well.

The party was so fun to plan and put together. The day was perfect and I know Ada enjoyed all the decorations and celebrating! Thank you to all the shops I used, you made the party beautiful! A special thank you to my mom, who helped me out so much in getting this party together! And thank you to all who came to celebrate our little girl! You all mean the world to us and we love you! Thank you for making our daughter’s day!

Now on to planning the next party! 😉

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Ada’s First Birthday Party

As you all know, we love to celebrate here at the Maples’ house. So you can imagine how long I have been planning Ada’s first birthday. We talked about going simple, since Ada will most likely not remember this party – but who are we kidding? Parties here are big or not at all! 😉


The inspiration for Ada’s party came from the yellow swiss bow I had gotten her months ago. I love the yellow color and it got me to thinking about using it for part of her birthday outfit. Which lead to the theme of her party: You Are My Sunshine!


Ada's First Birthday Party

We had friends and family over for brunch – chicken & waffles, ham & cheese pinwheels, sausage & cheese quiche, a yogurt bar, and of course, a mimosa bar! You can’t have brunch without mimosas, am I right?!

Ada's First Birthday Party

Ada's First Birthday Party

Ada's First Birthday Party

Ada's First Birthday Party

Ada's First Birthday Party

Ada's First Birthday Party

Ada's First Birthday Party

Ada's First Birthday Party

I believe her cake was my favorite! Isn’t it gorgeous?! And it tasted amazing!

Ada's First Birthday Party

FullSizeRender copy 2

Even Ada’s smash cake was beautiful!

Ada's First Birthday Party

We enjoyed the day eating, drinking, and dancing around with Ada! I even made a playlist with songs all about sunshine!

Ada's First Birthday Party

Ada's First Birthday Party

Ada's First Birthday Party

Ada's First Birthday Party

Ada's First Birthday Party

Ada's First Birthday Party

Ada's First Birthday Party

Ada's First Birthday Party

Ada's First Birthday Party

Ada's First Birthday Party

Ada's First Birthday Party

And then the best part of the day was watching Ada enjoy her smash cake. I was a little worried that she wouldn’t get into it, but I was wrong – very wrong! Cake went everywhere! It was awesome!

FullSizeRender copy

FullSizeRender copy 3

Ada's First Birthday Party

Ada's First Birthday Party

Ada's First Birthday Party

Ada's First Birthday Party

Ada's First Birthday Party

Ada's First Birthday Party

After giving Ada a bath, we opened her presents; which she did a great job trying to open. She loved pulling tissue paper out of the bags and ripping the paper.

Ada's First Birthday Party

Ada's First Birthday Party

The party favors were bags full of old fashion candy – in her birthday colors, of course! 😉

Ada's First Birthday Party

FullSizeRender copy 4

Every holiday and special occasion I get Ada a book. I don’t think I could have found a more perfect book for her first birthday! The story is so sweet and the illustrations are beautiful!

It was a perfect day! I think Ada had a great time and enjoyed being in the center of attention all day! She especially enjoyed smashing that cake!


Happy First Birthday Ada Marie! You are the sunshine in our lives! We love you more than words can describe!


Note: I plan on giving all the details about the party and sharing the sources next post! 

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Ada’s First Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day this year was simple and easy going – like most of our holidays around here anymore! We did enjoy some Valentine’s Day festiveness at home – brownies, flowers, and a romantic dinner for just the two of us!


A few days ago, I had a few of my girlfriend’s, and their babies, over for a simple Galentine’s Day breakfast. We try to meet at least once a week to talk about motherhood, marriage and life. We are reading a book together called, “Hoodwinked: Ten Myths That Moms Believe and Why We All Need to Knock It Off”. It has been such a great book for all of us moms to read together. These ladies have been a wonderful blessing to me and they have become my dearest friends. I am grateful that I have them in life, especially during this time, because let’s face it; being a mom is hard… wonderful, but hard! 😉


We enjoyed a simple breakfast of waffles, bacon, cupcakes and of course; mimosas!




Ada enjoyed watching all the other babies play. Hopefully watching them move around will inspire her to try to move around too! This kid has no interest in moving or sitting up by her self yet! I guess she will try it when she is good and ready!


I hope your Valentine’s Day was filled with love! Happy Monday ya’ll!



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Farewell 2015 – Our Year in Pictures

Happy New Year’s Eve! 2015 has been an amazing year! It has been so much fun looking back on all our memories and seeing how much our lives have changed; for the better, of course!

valentines 1

13 weeks











Project Nursery 01


image3 2


birth annoucement

Week Three 33

Week Five 27

This has certainly been the best, most exciting year of our lives, so far! I look forward to another year of adventures with Randy and now with our sweet little girl!

I wish you the happiest New Year! Cheers!

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37 Weeks & Baby Shower


Baby Maples is the size of a honeydew melon and weighs 6.5 lbs!

How far along? 37 weeks – full term!
Maternity clothes? yes, but mostly my maxi and shift dresses
Stretch marks? not yet
Sleep: sleeping has been terrible – I can’t get comfortable so I toss and turn all night. I move from bed to recliners to couches, trying to find a comfortable position – it has yet to be found
Best moment this week: had a fantastic baby shower given to us by our dearest friends – it was the coolest shower ever! We had a date night with another couple to Bouchon – enjoying a night out while we still can! 🙂 And at the doctor’s we were told that her head is down and that I am 50% effaced – it’s getting real now!
Miss anything? being comfortable and a nice cold beer – something about this hot weather makes me miss a cold beer
Movement: she is still a mover – she gets up into my ribs a lot, I think she is running out of room
Food cravings: all things fruit, veggies, brownies and ice cream – but appetite has decreased a bit
Food aversions: not food aversions, just acid reflux still – I have good days and bad days
Gender: Girl
Labor Signs: I have been getting a few Braxton Hicks contractions – which is kinda exciting!
Symptoms: Fatigue, Braxton Hicks contractions, sore hips and terrible charlie horses – I really hate those things!
Belly Button in or out? still half in and half out, kinda flat – it is just all kinds of werid
Wedding rings on or off? on but they do feel tighter
Mood: happy, anxious and I’m still crying easier – I guess I am just a roller coaster of emotions
Looking forward to: holding Baby Girl – so close now!

The baby shower that our friends gave us was the most unique and sweetest shower I have ever been too. The shower took place at a children’s book store… that’s right, a bookstore. How cool is that? It was held at Spellbound Children’s Bookstore. This bookstore is the coolest place and I can’t wait to take our daughter there when she gets a little older. They had all kinds of books for all ages! I could barely contain myself in there! I wanted to buy everything!

Our friends did such a beautiful job! Everything was themed around children’s books – the food, the decor, the activities… it was so amazing!

And it was all decorated in my favorite colors – yellow and gray! They know me all too well!

They set up a display of books for guests to choose from to buy for our daughter. And they had special stickers made to be placed in the book so our daughter will know who gave it to her. Isn’t that the sweetest?!


We even got a story time! 😉

I just loved every detail of this shower! It was so thoughtful and fun. And I especially loved the strawberry cupcakes, I had 2… ok 3!

We feel so blessed to have such wonderful friends. We couldn’t ask for better friends. I’m so grateful that we have them, especially for this new adventure of becoming parents! And I’m even more thankful that our daughter will have these wonderful role models in her life.


image3 2


Gender Reveal

The day we have been waiting for, for 20 long weeks! The big gender reveal! Actually, I believe I have been waiting for this day for years! Ever since I saw gender reveals on Pinterest about 2 years ago, I knew that I wanted to have a gender reveal. It is such a fun time and I really wanted to share the moment with our loved ones.

We had our ultra sound 3 days before the big reveal… Three. Long. Days. To guarantee that Randy and I would both be surprised for our gender reveal party, we literally locked up the results in a lock box. Yeah, we are that bad! We were both so excited that we probably would have cheated and peeked before the party.


We had a science theme gender reveal party – perfect for our nerdy selves! The day was filled with periodic tables, college physics books and bubbly, foggy beakers! And not to mention fun pink and blue food!



I knew that our old college books would come in handy some day! 😉



Atom cupcakes


And bubbly, foggy pink and blue drinks!


We had a place were everyone could cast their votes. Later we drew names and the winner received a gift card to sweet frog to make their own potion.

And for the big reveal we had a reveal laboratory. If you look closely, the reveal laboratory banner has the estimated due date.


And I loved how some dressed up for the part.

My brother really got into the nerdy scientist role. 🙂

Preparing the experiment/reveal.

Mixing up the concoction. And waiting for the results.

We used a fizz ball that turns the water either pink or blue. When you order one of these, you receive two fizz balls, one for pink and one for blue. Our friend took the results into another room and brought us the correct fizz ball for the reveal. 

And it turned pink!

It’s a girl!

I love how these picture captured our excitement and surprise!

And being the scientists that we are, we had to confirm the results. And yep, it’s a girl! 🙂 Everyone we talked to and all the supposedly pregnancy signs, all pointed to us having a boy. Just goes to show you, every pregnancy is different!

We couldn’t be happier or more excited to add a sweet little girl to our family. She is going to be one spoiled little girl!



Randy and I feel so blessed that at times it feels a little overwhelming. We have so much to be thankful for – this weekend was full of things to be grateful for:

Celebrating family and friends

Learning more about this little Maples that the Lord has blessed us with

The reason for Easter – celebrating the resurrection of Jesus and the love and compassion the Lord has for us all

And the hope that I have – the hope for our growing little family, for our loved ones, but most all, the hope that Jesus has given us.