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Cruise Fun Part 2

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The third day was spent at Nassau Bahamas. We went to Atlantis and enjoyed their beautiful beach and aquarium. The beach here was breathtakingly beautiful. The water was a gorgeous blue and the sands super soft.

The only thing about Nassau that I really hate are all the pushy sales people. They try to sell you everything. Touristy junk that no one really wants. They try to sell you water, bracelets, T-shirts, hats, etc, etc. And I figured that once we got on the beach that it would be better but it wasn’t. There were people trying to charge you for everything. The chair you are using, the umbrella you paid for, no you can’t use that chair you paid for this kind of chair. It just goes on and on. So if you ever go to Nassau, be prepared to fight for what you paid for and to say no, a lot.


But besides all the trouble, we were still able to relax on the beach with our coconuts!


The aquarium was really neat. They had stingrays, sharks and saw fishes. And the best part about the aquarium was that it was about 20 degrees cooler than on the beach. It was nice to take a break from the heat and watch all the fishes swim around you.

I love Randy’s laugh/smile in these photos.

We did rent two jet skis. They were so much fun! It was my first time on a jet ski on the ocean. It was much rougher than I expected. The only time I had ridden a jet ski was on a lake. But it was great! I would definitely love to do it again sometime!

The fourth day was another day at sea. Since we spent 3 days in the sun, I spent the remainder of the trip in the shade. 🙂

Overall, the trip was fantastic. We had a wonderful time with our friends and it was so nice to do absolutely nothing. I feel rejuvenated but I am still in vacation mode. But I won’t be in that mode for long. I have a long summer ahead of me – working full time, taking a class for work and being involved in numerous church activities. But there will be fun times too, it is summertime after all! 😉

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