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This past week we were finally able to get some family photos! It is incredibly difficult to get Randy in front of the camera. But I really wanted a new family photo because the last one we got was around Easter. So yeah, we definitely needed to upgrade our family picture. I wish we could have gotten more, but taking photos on your own with a two year old is a herculean task! But I do love the ones that we have, so without further ado…

And would you just look at that… Ada is smiling/laughing in a picture! I just love this picture! It really shows how silly and happy Ada truly is. 🙂

Oh… and there’s my serious child. Haha! Would you just look at that scowl!

I am so grateful that we take so many pictures of Ada. It has been so wonderful to look back at them all and see how much she has changed. Watching her grow has been the most precious and beautiful thing I have ever witnessed. These days, right here and now, will always be the ones I cherish.

I hope everyone has had a wonderful week. We are so excited for the weekend because we will be celebrating our two year old! Can’t wait to spend the weekend with friends & family, doing all the things Ada loves! Happy Friday ya’ll!

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