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First Father’s Day

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I feel that in our society, good fathers are the unsung heroes in the family. Sometimes it feels that Father’s Day does not get the same hype as Mother’s Day. I know mothers do a lot for their families, but so do fathers; especially my husband.


My husband works very hard to provide for us while I stay home to take care of Ada. It does take both of us to get things done, but he is the one that puts a roof over our heads and puts food on the table. Not only does he work all day, but he comes home and works here, too. He fixes anything that needs fixing, helps with dishes, cooks, mows the grass, and helps with bath time and bed time with Ada, every night he is home.

Not only has Randy been such a wonderful provider, he has also been there for both Ada and I. Anytime either of us needs something, he is there. He hasn’t missed a single checkup for Ada and he has always been there for me; for the good times and the bad times.

To all the great dads out there, thank you for all that you do! Keep doing what you are doing, your families appreciate it more than you know! Happy Father’s Day!

To my Randy, thank you for all that you do – for all your hard work and your diligence. What you do matters to both Ada and me. I know that since Ada is so young, it doesn’t feel like you are doing much, but you are. Just being there for her – hugging her, playing with her, loving her – is the greatest gift you could ever give her. We are the luckiest girls in the world. We love you! Happy 1st Father’s Day, love!










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