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First Zoo Trip

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This past weekend, we visited family in SC and while we were there, we took Ada to the zoo. Kids just make everything so much more fun! Ada laughed, smiled, and pointed the whole time. She had an absolute blast! The Riverbanks Zoo is very nice with lots of exhibits, rides, a rope course, and beautiful walking paths. I think Ada enjoyed the grizzly bear the best. She just pointed, talked, and growled at the bear the whole time. I just love this sweet, silly girl of mine!


And of course, Ada had the best spot – daddy’s shoulders. 🙂




So glad that we were able to capture her laughing! Ada had so much fun and we had so much fun watching her.


I did get rather upset at some parents at the gorilla exhibit. The gorilla exhibit was in a glass room, which was really neat, but a little bit crowded. I was excited for Ada to see the gorilla since she loves monkeys and the other monkeys were sleeping and she couldn’t see them. The gorilla was there, front and center, but we couldn’t really get up to the front to see him. Because there were kids sitting at the very front, in the best spot for seeing the gorilla up close and personal, playing with iPads. Now, I know that parents need to distract kids for a while, but seriously? Those kids can’t get off their iPads long enough to enjoy the zoo? And if they just had to have a break, why don’t you sit your kids towards the back so that other children and adults can admire the animals? Some people are just so inconsiderate! Ok – sorry about that rant… moving on!

I love her smile in this photo! So sweet! Although, I am pretty sure it wasn’t the elephant that was making her smile, but the fact that she was holding a spoon. Spoons right now are Ada’s favorite toy! Silly kid! 🙂


We all had a great time, taking Ada to her first zoo trip. Maybe next time, she will be walking on her own… that would be great! 😉 This week, you can find us recovering from carrying her around all weekend long.



Happy Hump Day ya’ll!

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