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I Left My Heart In San Francisco – Part 1

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It is easy to fall in love with San Francisco almost immediately. I haven’t been everywhere, but out of all the places I have visited, this city had the most unique vibe. San Francisco has an abundance of diverse cultures; which is marked not only by their food, but their architecture. You have the neighborhood of Nob Hill, which was built during the gold rush era. You have Fisherman’s Wharf, which is like broadway on the beach filled with tourist shops. And you have Chinatown filled with Chinese lanterns and intricate carvings decorating its buildings. And the restaurants – any cuisine you can imagine is here!

San Francisco is a laid back, easy going, everything is accepted and loved kind of city. Everyone is friendly and open with a sense of pride in their city – as they should be. San Francisco and it’s people are beauitful.

I arrived in San Francisco late in the evening on my first day. I was meeting Randy, who came several days before me for work. This night was the last night of Randy’s conference, which is the biggest event they have all week. There is free food and drinks and a live band – which happened to be The Black Keys. I got to meet all of Randy’s co-workers who I have heard so much about.







I didn’t get to see much of the city this night, but it was lovely meeting all of Randy’s co-workers. And the party was tons of fun! Stay tuned for our next day!



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