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Randy and I have been extremely busy this past week! It has been hard to get here and write a quick blog. Sorry!

Our trip is only 3 days away! I know right!! I can’t believe it myself! We are so excited that we can hardly contain ourselves!

You would think that after almost 2 years of planning that we would have everything together and ready to go by now. That is simply not the case, unfortunately. I mean, we don’t have a lot to do and the things we have to do are things we can’t do until last minute. But our “To Do” list is rather large. Like clean the house, take out the trash, clean out the fridge, etc. But it feels a little stressful around the house right now. Our house has looked a little bit like this:


And this:


And I am sure that my co-workers hate me now because of my desktop.


Yes, I have a live counter on my desktop until we leave for Italy! Sad I know! But I am just so dang excited!

We have had some down time. For instance, I finally decorated my front porch for fall. It took me too long to get that done! I usually have all my fall decorating complete before October even starts!


The rest of the house is a different story! But at least the porch is complete! I love the blue-gray pumpkins on the left! I found those at our Ingles grocery store of all places.

And Monday was my 10,000 day birthday! My husband has mad math skills. He found out that I was going to be 10,000 days old young on October 7 this year. It turns out that you only get about 3 of these in your life, 4 if you are lucky! So we celebrated a little bit. You must celebrate the small stuff, right?!

We found a s’mores cake at the grocery store. Woot woot!


And we paired it with wine of course!


It was delicious! You know how much I love s’mores and pumpkin. Best flavors in the entire universe!


So this will probably be the last post for a little while for us. I would like to write a couple of times while we are in Italy, but we will see. If not, then I will have tons of posts to write when we get back! I can not wait to share our memories and photos with everyone! Be prepared to be bombarded with Italy awesomeness soon!

Happy Hump Day everyone! See you in Italy! Ciao!

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