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I feel like life is moving in fast forward ever since Ada was born. One moment I am bringing home a tiny newborn and the next my little one is interacting with me. She talks and smiles all the day long! I’m the luckiest mama ever. Ada is usually pretty happy, unless she is hungry, then she can go from very happy to Jack Jack (from the movie, The Incredibles) scary in a matter of seconds. But I just love this new life as a mom!

I just love these two! Isn’t her smile the sweetest?!


This past weekend was the first time I left Ada for a few hours. It was hard at first, but it was lovely to get a little break from being a mom. I went out with my mom and sister in law and had a wonderful night on the town!


We enjoyed a nice Thai dinner (which Randy hates) and we finished the night with the best hot chocolate in town. It was a nice break from staying home all the time. It was wonderful to wear normal clothes and put makeup on for once! 😉

Even though it was great getting out of the house, the best part of my night was coming home to snuggle with this little girl.

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