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So I finally have time to write a new post! Working 10 hour days everyday and trying to get everything that I need to get done after work… there just isn’t enough time in the day to get it all finished! But anyways… I am here now! 😉

This weekend has been a fun filled weekend with my brother and his wife. It is their last weekend here with us before they move 4 hours away! 🙁 So we did classical Asheville activities!

We first went to Moe’s Original BBQ… the best wings ever! I could eat at this place everyday and never get bored! If you are fortunate enough to have one in your city count yourself blessed! If not, I am sorry!

Then we headed over to Highland Brewery; a local craft beer in Asheville. I am ashamed to say that in the 3 years (almost 4) that Randy and I have lived in the Asheville area we have not gone to any of the local breweries! Shameful I know!


highland brewery


Awkward Moment of the Day: A very nice guy took this picture for us. When he handed back our phone I said thank you and added that we were locals and not tourists. Randy just rolled his eyes and said yeah that just made it better! So glad my husband loves me!

We got flights to share. I only really like one so Randy got to enjoy the rest!


We then went to the Asheville Mall; which is a treat because it is so far away from where we live now. We don’t get to go very often. Plus Randy, really does not like going to the mall. But this trip we went shopping for him! We got a shirt and tie for Randy from Banana Republic… I love it! (Picture soon to follow) I had to make him buy it because he isn’t a big plaid fan. But it looks great on him! 🙂

Then to finish up our day we had TCBY! I really can’t remember the last time we had TCBY! It was wonderful!

It was a wonderful weekend! I will definitely miss my little brother and sister -in-law but I am very happy for them both as they take this next big adventure together! They will just have to visit often!

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