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Mama + Mini Monday: PJs All Day

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This past week or so, has been a hard one – long days with even longer nights. Ada is still teething and her 12 month shots have made her cranky, needy, and restless. She has been waking up very often at night and has been fussy during the day. I will admit, I have gotten frustrated more than once with her this week. It seems like nothing makes her happy. Poor thing, I know she must feel terrible, but this mama is running on fumes! So this week, we have been wearing our pjs all day and snuggling. So I guess it hasn’t been all that bad; especially, when you have such adorable pjs to wear! 😉

I found the cutest pjs for Ada at Old Navy this week. I am debating on getting more in bigger sizes, I love them so much! They have my favorite saying on them, “Happy Camper.” I love that they match her purple bow from ZozuBaby and the bear print is pretty darn cute.

My shirt and lounge pants are from Nordstrom. The pants are the most comfortable pants ever! I wear them everyday. I hate when they get dirty and I have to wash them. That means I have to wear something else until I can clean them! Haha! I guess I should get another pair!

I hope Ada gets to feeling better soon! I miss my little happy camper! Until then, you will find us snuggling in our pjs and this mama napping when she can! Happy Monday ya’ll; here’s to a better week!

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