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My First Month Must Haves

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We have survived the first month of parenthood! Woot! Woot! It has been a whirlwind of emotions and lots of sleep deprived days learning our new baby. But there have been a few things that has made this new lifestyle a bit easier.


  1. Mamaroo – The mamaroo is a lifesaver when you need to do things around the house. Ada loves it and is perfectly content to lay in it while I cook dinner or do laundry. The built in speakers are great. We use an old iPhone that is dedicated to play music just for her – Rock-a-bye Baby.
  2. Recycled Glass Tumbler – Breastfeeding makes me super thirsty all the time. I just love this recycled glass tumbler to keep cold drinks with me all day.
  3. Aden and Anais Swaddle Blankets – Everyone registers for these blankets and now I see why. I use them everyday to keep Ada warm or as a car seat cover or as a burp cloth. They are light weight, breathable and come in adorable patterns.
  4. Nursing Top – I live in this nursing top from Gap. It’s super soft and so useful for breastfeeding. I wear it around the house and it is nice enough to wear out of the house as well.
  5. Como Tomo Bottles – You never know if you will need to bottle feed your newborn. I am so glad that I had one of these on hand when she came home. Ada used it when she was two weeks old and had no problem taking it after she had been exclusively breastfed. She can easily go back and forth between breastfeeding and bottle feeding now.
  6. Drying Rack and Brush – I love this drying rack and brush from OXO. I looked into the Boon Grass drying rack, but it is not dishwasher safe. So I came across this one and love it. I have plenty of room for all my bottles and breast pump accessories and it is dishwasher safe! And the brush comes with its own stand to catch all the water that drips off it – no more messy counter tops!
  7. Button-Up Sleepers – Ada lives in these button-up sleepers. I prefer the button-up versus the zippered because the zippered kind exposes her whole body during a diaper change, which no one likes.
  8. Breast Pump – I’m glad I got a breast pump before Ada arrived. I started using mine during her second week home and have used it daily since. And I was able to get the pump through my insurance – so that saved us a lot of money.
  9. Pacifiers – Ada loves, loves, loves her pacifiers. I know people say not to use them if you are breastfeeding, but we haven’t had any trouble with her. We call the pacifiers, “The Susher,” after the movie Home (adorable movie, by the way!). They have been lifesavers for us all!
  10. Lanolin – This cream is great for soothing sore, dry nipples and I use it with my pump as well. I also made a nipple ointment that works wonders when they are cracked and bleeding.

Well, these are some things that have helped make this transition a little bit easier for us. What are some things that have helped you with a newborn?

And of course, a few pictures of my adorable little Ada! 🙂

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