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Nine Months

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These past nine months have gone by so much faster than the nine months of pregnancy did! I can’t believe that Ada’s first birthday is only 3 months away! It truly is a blessing to be able to watch Ada grow and learn. But I have to admit that my heart aches every time another month passes. It just reminds me how fast the time with Ada is going and how this time with her will not last forever. Excuse me while I go cry myself a river…

Ok, now that I got my mom emotions under control, on with the post! 😉


Ada weighs 19 lbs and I feel like she is getting taller by the minute! She is about to outgrow her 6-9 months clothing, mostly because she is getting so tall. Her feet are still unbelievably tiny; she can still wear her newborn socks and shoes. They are the sweetest! 🙂 We officially have her first tooth! It just started peeking up through the gums this week. I feel a bit relieved because she has worked so hard for that tooth! Go Ada!


She can officially roll over now! Woo hoo! Now she doesn’t do it, just to do it. She does it when I place her on her tummy, but I am just glad that she can do it. She is moving more. She really reaches for things and can scoot a little while sitting, but not much. I guess she will learn to crawl or walk when she feels good and ready. Ada is a very cautious baby, I have actually never seen such a cautious baby. At this age, babies are usually diving head first into everything, but not Ada. She is very easy going and gentle; which I think is endearing.


The one thing I do not have to worry about with Ada is her eating habits. She has been so easy when it comes to eating. She will eat whatever I put in front of her. She will eat any kind of fruit or veggie, and she loves chicken and beef. All these foods she can eat pureed or diced. She is getting to the point now where she doesn’t want pureed. She wants what I am eating and the more flavor, the better. She will eat salsa, garlic, dill pickles, and seasoned roasted veggies and chicken. I am glad that she enjoys flavor because we love flavor in this house! 😉 Her favorite food this month has been my mom’s homemade pasta e fagioli – I can’t blame her, it is my favorite too!


Her vocabulary hasn’t changed much. While we were visiting my parents Ada did start saying nana, which made my mom oh so happy. 🙂 She is saying mama a lot here lately, I guess because she hasn’t felt very well these past few weeks. I don’t mind, I love hearing her saying mama. She has started blowing raspberries, which she thinks is the funniest thing ever. And it is pretty darn cute to watch her make that noise, then look up with those big, beautiful blue eyes, and giggle. I love this sweet, silly girl!











We are so blessed to have you as a daughter, Ada Marie! We love you to the moon and back! Happy 9 months!

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