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Nine & Ten Month Favorites

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I am running a bit behind on my monthly favorites; luckily, nine and ten months didn’t differ much. Ada’s favorite toys right now are any toys that play music. She can’t get enough of them! She loves to dance, clap, and sing along! It is seriously, the cutest thing ever! So here is a list of our favorites these past two months:


Blocks – I gave Ada these blocks months ago and she has shown almost no interest in them until now. Now she loves to chew on them, throw them, and she is now learning how to stack them. Although, her favorite thing to do with them is watch mommy build a block tower, which she quickly destroys. #blocktowerdestroyer (And the colors are beautiful!)

Snail – My parents got this toy for Ada, upon my request. I was hoping that a toy that moved would inspire her to chase it – that was hopeful thinking on my part. When she first got this toy, she was absolutely terrified of it. (That was something else I didn’t expect.) But now she really likes it. She likes to watch it roll pass her and she claps along to the music. She also enjoys trying to catch it as it closely rolls pass her. She is very proud of herself when she does catch it. The shell is great too, it can be used as a small stackable tower. Hopefully, she will one day want to chase it down, instead of sitting there waiting for it to come to her!

Sippy Cup – We loved our other sippy cup and it was a great first, but I felt like Ada had to hold her head way back to get water out of it. So I did some research and this sippy cup was the highest rated. It took Ada about two weeks to figure it out and now she can suck down some water! She loves it and we take it everywhere with us – especially since it has been so hot outside here lately. I love the weighted straw. No matter what position the cup is in, Ada can get water out of it. It also seems pretty durable, she has thrown it and dropped it so many times. It doesn’t even have a scratch on it!

Cell Phone – Since she loves playing telephone and is so interested in my cell phone, I decided to get her very own. She loves it and her favorite part is pressing the music button (of course!). I like the lanyard on it, because I can easily attach it to her stroller bar and she is unable to throw it out! This phone has given her hours of entertainment in the car and on the go. #lifesaver

Num Num – These num num sticks have been great at teaching Ada how to feed herself. And they are awesome teethers! Ada really does try to feed herself with these. She can get the food to her mouth, but she hasn’t quite mastered getting the food on the stick. She tries; she can place the stick on top of her food and then waits for me to dip it for her. It won’t be long now before she figures how to do it all by herself. Man, she is growing up so fast! Oh, and letting her use these makes a horrible mess! She loves to throw the num num full of sticky fruit puree! But let her be little, right?

Stand Table – I am actually surprised how much Ada loves this table. Now she can’t stand up on her own, I have to balance her on my leg (great workout for mommy). But she loves pressing the buttons, seeing all the lights, and of course, dancing to the music! I think it is a toy she will still love as she gets older. Especially, when she can stand up on her own!

Teething Wafers – I know these are not particularly nutritional, but Ada loves them and they provide enough entertainment for her while she watches me cook dinner. I place her in her high chair, give her one of these, and she is good to go for a good 45 minutes!

Hope everyone is having a great week! Happy Hump Day!


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