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Our 30th Birthday

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This year Randy and I turn the big 3-0! I know, 30! To be honest, I have been looking forward to our 30th birthdays for a while because I have always wanted to have a huge party for our 30th birthdays. Turns out when you have a little one, it is really hard to plan a big party at your house when the baby goes to sleep around 7pm! So after weeks of trying to figure out what to do for our 30th, it came to me on a night that Ada was extremely fussy and would not sleep. I had been up with her for a few days and I was about to reach my limit. It was then that I knew how we should celebrate, I wanted a night off. I told Randy want I wanted and he was instantly on board. We started planning and got everything set up weeks in advance. And it turned out the be the best birthday ever!

Randy used his Hilton points to get us a wonderful suite complete with an infinity whirlpool tub! It was the coolest room I have ever stayed in!

The Hilton at Biltmore Square was great and treated us like royalty! They even sent up a complimentary cheese tray to help celebrate our birthdays. We thought that was so thoughtful! We enjoyed the cheese tray with some wine before our first ever couples massage. I must have been living under a rock my whole life because massages are fantastic! I want one every year for my birthday now!

After a heavenly massage we spent the rest of the afternoon relaxing. Just what new parents need – sleep! 😉 That night we had dinner and drinks with some friends. Afterwards, we enjoyed our large hotel room, drinking champagne, eating cupcakes, and playing Cards Against Humanity. We laughed so hard that all of us were crying and complaining about sore cheeks and abs. It was so nice to laugh loud and have a good time without worrying about waking up a sleeping baby! 🙂




We had such a wonderful birthday and I couldn’t imagine it going any better! It will be a night that I will always remember and think back on. And we felt recharged after having a whole day to just “adult”. A day to relax, have fun with some friends, and to not worry about taking care of a little human. But the best thing about leaving, was coming back home to our sweet little girl.


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