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Our First Day of Fall

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When the first day of fall arrived, so did the beautiful fall weather. It has been wonderful! We pretty much hibernate during the summer. I swear I lose more weight during the fall/winter months than I do in the summer months! I guess because we stay inside a lot more during the summer to hide from the heat. But as soon as the temperature drops, we are out the door every chance we get! The first day of fall, we took full advantage of the wonderful cool weather and took Ada on a little hike.

Bear Wallow Mountain is practically in our back yard. It takes us about 10 minutes to drive up to the trail head. The hike is relatively easy, but it is a constant up hill climb. But the view up top is worth it. I am pretty sure that it is my favorite view in the Asheville area. On a clear day, you can see for miles. 🙂



At the top, is a pasture of cows, which Ada loved! She kept say, “moo!”, every time we got near one.








We had such a wonderful time taking Ada out for a hike on a beautiful fall day. I look forward to many more fall adventures with her! Happy Friday ya’ll!

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