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Our July 4th Weekend

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July 4th was a fun packed weekend filled with family, fantastic weather and of course, good food!

My parents, brother and sister-in-law came up to spend the weekend with us. I am so glad that everyone came to us because we were pleasantly surprised with fall-ish weather! We kept all the windows opened and ate outside every chance we got! It was wonderful and made me wish for fall to get here even faster!

We started the morning with 4th of July toast.

july4 breakfast

july4 breakfast 2


We had a wonderful cookout – spicy peach glazed chicken, grilled corn on the cob, potato salad, anasazi beans and of course, red velvet cupcakes! Another thing checked off on our summer bucket list!

july4 cookout

july4 cupcakes

july 4 cookout


I loved my July 4th outfit this year from Modcloth. I could wear outfits like this everyday!




The next day we shopped and ate at everyone’s favorite restaurants.

all at moes

me & mom


I also put together this outfit for the weekend from Loft. This hat is my new favorite accessory!




The last day we cooked and went downtown. And you have to cook in style of course! Mom got me this apron which is absolutely perfect! It says, “Will cook for shoes!” Yep… that’s me!

me in apron


Cooking with my mama!

mom&i apron

Best fish and chips in town.

kathy, jon, randy

I really, really miss having these guys around. 🙁


And that was our 4th! I hope you had a great one with friends and family!




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