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Our Little Valentine

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Our little family is growing by two feet and a heartbeat! We are so excited to welcome Baby Maples in August!

This is something we have been praying for, for a very long time! And God has certainly blessed us!

I found out that we were pregnant a week before Christmas and I decided to give Randy his Christmas present a little early. I presented him a box with layers of notes and a gift at the bottom.






I have had this book saved for Randy for a long time (I am embarrassed to say how long!). It is the most perfect book for my engineer-minded husband.


We shared the news with our families over Christmas. We filmed everyone’s reaction, which was the greatest idea ever! I have watched these videos over and over and have laughed and cried each time (I’m blaming the pregnancy hormones). It was so nice to share wonderful news with our families after such a difficult Thanksgiving. We are so grateful for our families’ love and support and we know that Baby Maples is going to be spoiled by us all!

Aside from a scare and some nausea, pregnancy has been delightful! I have always wanted to be a mother and this is just a dream come true for me and my husband. I hope you will follow along in our journey through parenthood. It is exciting and scary, but I know that the greatest adventure of our lives has only just begun…

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  1. Jama and Randy, you are so right; get ready for the adventure of your lives. We’ve already started stocking the guest room with “The Little Things” to make baby Maple’s stay away from home a special place. All our love to the three of you!

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