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This past weekend we had beautiful fall weather – crisp cool air and clear blue skies. My family came up to visit and we just had a relaxing weekend with Ada. But we did get out of the house and enjoyed an Oktoberfest at the Sierra Nevada brewery.

I am glad that my brother came up, because I was finally able to get these photos! And a good thing too, this shirt will not fit Ada for much longer. This shirt was one of the very first things I bought when I found out I was pregnant.

Ada is so blessed with awesome people in her life that love her! And those cheeks! I just want to kiss those chubby cheeks all the time!

Ada has really started to interact with her environment here lately. She is in love with this peacock and she smiles and looks at everything. I love watching her take in the world.

But the best thing that happened this weekend was that Ada had her first laugh! It was the sweetest sound ever! I was sitting in the back of the car with her and I was being silly, dancing around and she laughed at me. And being the emotional first time mom that I am, I definitely cried.


I had a great weekend with my family and Ada did too! It is so great that my family can come up and visit Ada often; to be around as she grows up.

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and I can not wait! Some very dear friends of ours are coming up to meet Ada for the first time! I’m so excited!

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