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Ever have those days that everything you try to cook doesn’t seem to turn out the way you expected? Well, that happened to me Thursday night. I made some homemade caramel dipping sauce to give as birthday presents to some co-workers. I wish I had tried the caramel sauce before I gave it to them. It didn’t taste bad, it tasted good… just didn’t taste like caramel. It tasted more like butter and honey… oops. I didn’t try it till Saturday night.

Note to self: taste new recipes before giving as birthday gifts to people!

Saturday we had a shopping for Randy/date day. We had lunch at Red Lobster (can’t remember the last time I had Red Lobster!) Randy wanted their endless shrimp… wish granted! 🙂


Their margaritas were pretty big. I am glad that we shared one! (I feel like Lady and the Tramp in this photo! I love it!)

Then we went clothes shopping for Randy. I have to drag him to the mall (or any store for that matter) to go shopping for him. He usually goes kicking and screaming! Hence, the margarita beforehand! 😉 We finally got Randy some real, big boy suits. You know, ones that actually fit him! I am so excited to get them back (they are being tailored right now)! He looks amazing in them!


Today I tried something new for lunch/dinner. I usually try to steer away from Chinese food. The last time I made Chinese food, it was not edible. It was when we were first married and I had not found a job yet. So I was home a lot watching the cooking channel. I saw a chef make some sesame chicken and I thought; “I can make that!” Boy, was I wrong! The chicken turned out to be huge balls of grease/oil. It was so disgusting! Randy and I could not eat it. We threw every bit of it away!

Ever since then I have been terrified to try any Chinese recipes. But I thought I would give it one more try. I made chicken fried rice. And it actually turned out really well. I did have some trouble making it. Mostly because I was trying to make multiple things at the same time (not a very good multi-tasker in the kitchen!) I ended up making a terrible mess! I accidentally let things boil over (and not just water – soy sauce and sugar mixture… I am still cleaning this mess) and rice got stuck to the bottom of the pot. At the end, it finally came together and made a pretty nice meal. It was 3:00 pm by the time I had lunch ready… regardless, it was pretty good!


So that was our weekend. Pretty low key but pleasant as always! Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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