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Passport to Italy: Siena Day Eight

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After our long and tiring day in Florence, we really needed a day to rest. So that is exactly what we did. We slept in a little and took our time at breakfast. We decided not to wonder far from the B&B, so we went back to Siena. We didn’t have a lot of time to explore the city last time because of our tour and our cooking class. So we spent the afternoon just walking around.

Siena 506

Siena 507

Look! No people! 🙂

Siena 508

Siena 509

View from the only playground we saw in Italy! I am sure there are more, we just didn’t see them.

Siena 512

Siena 510

Pretty rooftop garden.

Siena 515

Fruit stand. Aren’t those grapes gorgeous? We bought some for our lunch later that day.

Siena 520

This was a very unique looking shop. It is obviously a meat shop; all their meat was hanging in the window. It is hard to make out, but it was really neat.

Siena 522

Siena 523

Chocolate store, yum!

Siena 524

One of the prettiest gelato shops we saw in Italy. Gelato is amazing, by the way! Tiramisu was my favorite flavor!

Siena 065

Randy with his gelato. He looks like a little boy, to me, in this picture. So adorkable!

Siena 527

These rings were all over the city. This is where they tied up their horses back in the day. See how over the many, many years the ring as worn into the stone wall?

Siena 067

We took this picture to give you an idea how steep some of the hills are in this city. Siena is a very hilly city but not too bad. All those years walking around Appalachian State University paid off! 😉

Siena 066

Here is the baptistery. It is on the back side of the cathedral.

Siena 068


Siena 068


Siena 069


Siena 070

Pretty fountain in the main square, Il Campo.

Siena 063

A neat little street.

Siena 500


Siena 501

Another local peeking her head out the window, watching the world go by.

Siena 504

Siena 505

Siena 503

After exploring Siena, we picked up some more mozzarella cheese and deli meat and had another picnic in our room.

For dinner we had Franco and Frances (the B&B owners) make a dinner, al fresco, for us. They have several gazebos around the property and they all have spectacular views. Ours was a view of Siena and their olive trees.

They gave us complimentary champagne for our anniversary. Isn’t that sweet? We saved it for this night.


Siena 231

Siena 232

To start, they served their own sun dried tomatoes, olives and tuscan bread covered in garlic and their homemade olive oil. Also, the same platter of different cheeses that they serve at breakfast. And a platter of different meats; ham, boar, prosciutto etc.

Siena 233

Next, a bowl of homemade pasta and sauce. This was my absolute favorite pasta I had anywhere in Italy! It was fantastic!

Siena 234

For dessert, we had biscotti cookies and Franco’s homemade vin santo. We called his vin santo “liquid gold” because of it’s beautiful color and it tasted awesome!

Enjoying our champagne.

Siena 236

Siena 237

Our view.

Siena 238

Siena 239

Siena at night. Isn’t it beautiful?

Siena 241

Siena 240

Well, this was, sadly, our last day in Tuscany. We really didn’t want to leave. We just loved Tuscany and we absolutely loved Frances’ Lodge. We will definitely be back just because of their hospitality, their food and their views! If you ever plan to visit Tuscany, stay here. You will not regret it!

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