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Passport to Italy: Siena Day Four


The morning of this day was a rough one. If you recall, the night before was the night we stayed out late and attempted to drink with Europeans. So we woke up exhausted and had headaches; but nothing that two cups of espresso couldn’t fix!

After drinking our last cup of espresso and eating our fantastic breakfast, we said goodbye to Davide. πŸ™

We got onto the vaporetto back to the airport on mainland Italy. Here we picked up our rental car. We got a Fiat 500. It was adorable and just big enough for our backpacks and ourselves!

Siena 002

Siena 003

Now lucky us, Hertz did not have any GPSs for us to use. So all our navigation was up to me… using a gazetteer. I know! I have a horrible sense of direction so you can only imagine how tough it was for me to navigate in a foreign country. So all I can say is that the only time Randy and I argued on this trip was when we had to drive somewhere. Just like back home! Haha! πŸ˜‰

Our arguments went something like this: Randy is driving down the road and I am frantic trying to figure out where we are. I am scrambling through piles of maps and trying to decipher the road signs. Then we pass a road sign.

Randy: “What did that sign say?”

Jama: “I don’t know you were driving too fast.

Randy: “I am trying to keep up with traffic!”

Jama: “You are not Italian! Stop driving like one!”

Randy: “Its your job to navigate and mine to drive!”

Jama: “I would if I could read the signs! How can I when you are zooming pass them oh and to top it all off they are all in Italian!”

So yeah, this was our conversation almost every time we got into the car.

But when we knew where we were going the drive was quite nice.

Siena 008

One thing that kind of surprised us was how many tunnels there were on the autostrade (which is basically an interstate). We probably drove through about 20 tunnels on the way to Siena.

Siena 011

The autostrade was a very rough road with lots of potholes and construction. Which is interesting in a small car with hardly any suspension going about 80 to 100 miles an hour! But we had a good time, mostly. πŸ™‚

After driving for about 4 hours we finally made it to Siena. We stayed in a bed and breakfast right outside of Siena called Frances’ Lodge.

Frances’ Lodge is on top of a hill with the best view of Siena anywhere. It is a farm villa that has been in Franco’s family (the husband/owner) for generations. It is a rock house surrounded by lemon trees, fig trees, pomegranate trees, olive trees and more! Not to mention all the beautiful roses! They are everywhere! Unforunately, most were not in bloom but the gardens were still beautiful.

As soon as we arrived Franco was at our car greeting us and gathering our luggage. He showed us to our room and explained everything we needed to know about the hotel. As soon as we dropped off our luggage we ran outside to see the view. The sun was setting when we arrived.

Our view from our room. That tree to the right is over 100 years old. Just amazing!

Siena 019

Siena 021

Siena 020

Coolest window ever. It was double hinged so it opened like a door and it titled in from the top. It is really hard to explain but it was really cool.

Siena 024

Our room.

Siena 025

View from our other window.

Siena 026

Our double-headed shower. Amazing! Because of this shower we want to redo our entire bathroom!

Siena 027

View from the gardens.

Siena 028

Siena 029

Siena is out in the distance with the sun setting. So romantic and just beautiful!

Siena 030

One of Frances’ beautiful roses.

Siena 037

And another.

Siena 047

Siena 043

Siena 044

Siena 052

As you can see our view from this B&B was spectacular.

For dinner we went to a restaurant on the innkeepers’ recommendation. The restaurant was in an old wine cellar.


I loved the lace doilies in the plate!



Good wine! And I loved the walls! Mixture of wall, brick and rock!


We got the grilled pork. Very delicious! It also came with something similar to collard greens. They were seasoned very well and a piece of boar sausage. It was all awesome!

grilled pork

Tired from a day of travel and fighting (haha), we went straight to bed after dinner.

That concludes our fourth day in Italy. Stay tuned for day five!

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  2. How cute of a car is that!? Love it! I love living through your adventures!!

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