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Passport to Italy: Venice Day Three

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Our last day in Venice…. šŸ™

This day was probably our most memorable.

Since we did the touristy stuff the day before, this day was more of a chill day to do whatever we wanted.

We got up a little bit earlier than usual and walked around the city. The fog was still settled on top of the water, stores were just opening up, and the only people walking the main streets were locals on their way to work.

Venice 126

Venice 125

Venice 122

No boats or gondolas on the canals yet.

Venice 121

No tourists… well, besides us! šŸ˜‰

Venice 120

Working locals. šŸ™‚

Venice 118

We then went back to our B&B and had our wonderful breakfast and two espresso! Back into the city more people were out and about. We stopped by this market. The fruits and vegetables looked so colorful!

Venice 138

Venice 139

Venice 141

This guy on the end here was cutting out all the hearts out of the artichokes.

Venice 140

Next, we just walked around. We loved this tunnel!

Venice 143

Venice 144

My first purchase in Italy! Shoes! I bet you couldn’t guess that one! šŸ˜‰ This little shoe shop was on the corner and it was just a tiny little store! The owner was very nice and helpful. The shoes are adorable and very comfortable!

Venice 146

Venice 162

We stumbled upon this street. Yes, this is an actual street!

Venice 160

Venice 161

I love how all the buildings look here. So old and layers and layers of different colors and materials.

Venice 086

Awesome corner balcony!

Venice 095

We toured the FrariĀ Church, on Rick Steves recommendation. It is the only gothic church in Venice. Not as grand as St. Mark’s, but this one was beautiful too. No pictures were allowed inside. The section in the church were the choir sits was spectacular. I have never seen such detailed wood work.

Venice 091

This picture here is probably my most favorite picture Randy took in Venice. This describes Venice in a nutshell.

Venice 090

I love Randy’s face in this picture! Zoolander anyone?

Venice 454

Next we went to a pretty, quaint pastry shop. It is the oldest pastry shop in Venice with a bar that dates back to the 17th century. So cool!

Venice 096

Venice 097

Love the ceilings!

Venice 098

I ordered tiramisu. Now I do not really care for tiramisu here in the States, but this dessert was created here in Venice, so I wanted to try it. Let me tell you, it is delicious! Just wow! I can not describe how good it was! You will just have to go to Venice and try it! I wish that I had gotten more while I was there!

Venice 100

Some of their goodies!

Venice 101

Venice 102

Lunch was at a pizzeria.

Venice 213

Pretty little courtyard we walked by.

Venice 147

I absolutely loved this square. No tourists around, just locals sitting around watching the world go by. If you look closely, there are two old women sitting at the base of this church. Just sitting there all bundled up, not talking to each other, just watching others come and go.

Venice 151

We were walking down the street and all of a sudden the shutters opened in one of the buildings and this sweet little old lady poked her head out and started talking/yelling to people as they were walking by. I kid you not! That really happened! It not only happens in the movies! It happens in real life! So I got caught taking a picture of her in action! Oops! Totally worth it! šŸ˜‰

Venice 153

We came across this trash boat barely fitting under a bridge. They were just millimeters from hitting the bridge. Talk about pros! Once they cleared the bridge everyone clapped and shouted, “Bravo!”

Venice 150

After a day of exploring the city we decided to take a gondola ride. When in Venice, right? On our way there, we were stopped by an older couple at the Rialto bridge. The first thing they said was, “Where are you from?” We answered America. Then the older gentleman said, “Good, you can take our picture then!” They were visiting from Canada and they returned the favor and took a picture of us too!

Venice 225

I was in a hurry to get a gondola ride because I wanted to go at dusk. So the first one we could find was this grumpy old man who has been a gondolier for 40 years. His name was Roberto. The first half of our ride I tried to get Roberto to warm up to us. It wasn’t until that I mentioned that I spoke spanish that he started really talking to us; in spanish of course! But it was nice once he started talking.

Venice 459

He was pretty handy with a camera!

Venice 229

And we’re off!

Venice 232

Venice 235

Venice 236

Venice 457

The city is beautiful at night!

Venice 237

Venice 242

I love the lights on the water here in this picture!

Venice 244

For dinner we spent about an hour trying to find a restaurantĀ that our gondolier, Roberto, suggested to us. We were all over the piazza he told us to go to. We never found it. Exhausted and hungry we settled for this restaurant tucked away from the main street.

Venice 248

We were the only people there. It was nice, just being us. We ordered a pizza and their house wine. All was pretty good.

Venice 249

Venice 247

Venice 252

Our server was very sweet. Once we finished eating and paid for our meal, we started talking to him. His name was Marik. He was from Prague and working in Venice on a work visa. We talked to MarikĀ for about two hours. He had gone to school for hotel management and now he is working on his portfolio working for the greatest restaurants in Venice.

Venice 254

Venice 255

Venice 256

Little did we know but we were eating in a sister restaurant. The restaurant beside us (the original restaurant) was called, Al Colombo, it is the third oldest restaurant in Venice! According to Marik, it is extremely expensive and has served the rich and famous for years!

Now while talking to Marik, he kept pouring us drinks (all for free of course) and calling us his friends. He was pouring the restaurant’s “punch” which was a liquor/wineĀ that was about 80 proof and tasted like licorice. We kept telling him that we shouldn’t drink any more and he replied, “Well, we need to finish the bottle.” So we finished the bottle.

Venice 253

While drinking this punch we learned a new word. Marik says that when you drink too much it is called kaput! Which means no longer operative. He was a lot of fun! šŸ™‚

Marik also showed us the cheese that Al Colombo sells. They sell a cheese called casu marzu. Now according to Marik this cheese has vorms in it (he was saying worms, but pronouned it with a v!) People pay $1000s to eat this cheese! All I can say is, eww!

Venice 257

On our way out we ran into a couple coming into the restaurant. They stopped us and asked us if we liked the restaurant. We said yes and that the service was excellent. Then they asked us to join them for a glass of wine. So we ended up splitting a bottle of wine with them.

They were from Germany and their names were HelmultĀ and Krista. They were very nice. HelmultĀ was a Ph. DĀ psychologist and Krista taught english and french. They were in Venice for the art festival. We talked to this couple for about an hour while we drank our wine.

Venice 259

Finally, we started to head back to our hotel. It was about midnight at this point. Trying to find your hotel at night in a foregin city after trying to keep up with Czech Republicans and Germans drinking wise, their is a pretty good chance you are going to get lost. And that is what happend to us!

Instead of getting back to our hotel, we found St. Mark’s Square. But I am glad we did because it is beatuiful at night. The crowds are gone, live bands are playing, and the lights look like something out of a fairytale.

Venice 260

Venice 262

I love the old fashion street lamps! *sigh*

Venice 265

We finally found our hotel and got into bed about 1:00 am. We walked over 32,000 steps this day! Needless to say, we were exhausted or should I say kaput! But it was worth every step. Seeing the beauty that is Venice and meeting people from all over the world, it was a day we will always remember!

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  1. Ok, this was my favorite day in Venice. Oh the stories, the food, history, the people, everything. What memories you’ve created. I love it. Shoes, Jama…. anyone who knows you wouldn’t be surprised by this. I would have been disappointed if you had not bought at least one pair home. They look so adorable and…. their gray, of course. I thank you for sharing yet another day in a city that offers so much. Thanks for giving me a lot to think about tonight as I turn in for the evening. I am grateful that you are blessed to travel the world…. our little Samantha Brown. See, dreams do come true.

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