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The one thing no one really warns you about becoming a new parent, is the worry you immediately have. People gave me all kinds of advice while I was pregnant, but I don’t remember anyone warning me about the worry. I have been worrying about everything, when it comes to Ada, since the moment she came into this world. I worry about her being too cold or too hot, I worry about her progressing at the rate she should, I worry about her getting enough sleep or getting too much sleep, I worry about my milk being enough for her or that she is getting what she needs from me. I mean, the list just keeps going. But every night, when we put her down in her crib, that was when the real worry would begin.

I worried so much that she would stop breathing… every parents’ nightmare. I would wake up about every 3o minutes to an hour and go check on her. I would hardly sleep when I was in bed, I mostly just stared at the baby monitor all night. I was so relieved when morning came, it meant the night time part of worrying was over. As you know, this isn’t healthy for anyone. I was exhausted and so was Randy. My constantly getting up all the time and watching the baby monitor in full brightness and volume was keeping Randy up as well. Something needed to change.

That was when I came across the Owlet. The Owlet is a relatively new product that uses different technology from all the other breathing monitors on the market. It uses pulse oximetry, which is the same pulse reader as the ones used in hospitals. After showing Randy, he jumped on getting it right away. He was desperate for a good nights sleep too!


It is just a little sock that fits onto her foot and she doesn’t even notice it. It stays on well, especially since at night she sleeps in footie sleepers. It comes with three different size socks so she can wear it as she grows. Right now, she is in the smallest size because she has tiny little feet! So sweet!


The sock connects to a base via bluetooth and that base connects over wi-fi to the Owlet app on your phone. It is such a comfort to me knowing that something is monitoring her breathing and heart rate and will alert me if something is amiss. Not only will the base alert you, but your phone will too.This sock as been a lifesaver for us. It has helped me to rest a little bit easier at night now and Randy is finally getting sleep too.


This sock should be on everyone’s baby registry. I know you can’t depend on technology completely to keep your baby safe, but anything to help me out just a little bit is such a blessing. I can now enjoy bedtime with Ada, instead of dreading it. Here is to peaceful nights! 😉


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