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Playing Catch Up: Part One


So we have been crazy busy for the past week or so. Traveling, working, family time, volunteering, meetings, etc. So lets pick up where I left off.

This past weekend was the Apple Festival here in Hendersonville. It is the biggest festival we have all year long. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to see much of it because we had my family reunion to go to. But we did get to stop by for a little bit last Friday. The best part about the Apple Festival (well, in my opinion) are the apple fritters and apple cider slushies! They are delicious! We go to the same place every year, Coston Farm. They make the best slushies! And lucky us, they are about two seconds from our house!


Last week Randy was gone for a week long business trip to San Francisco (Definitely a little jealous! Especially since he got to see my favorite band in concert, Imagine Dragons!) . But anyways, I made him a welcome home dinner last Friday night. On the menu was Stout Beef Stew, Chive Red Mashed Potatoes and Balsamic Mushroom Spinach Salad. It was delicious! I was so glad that it made so much because I got to eat several times! (These recipes came from Celebrate magazine)

The following weekend we headed up to Boone for my family reunion. It was nice to see everyone. We had a potluck lunch by the lake and all the kids went fishing. It was nice to see my sweet little first cousins. They grow up so fast!


That night my family and I had a little fire and made s’mores! You can bet that I was in heaven! My not-so-little-anymore nephew was able to join us; which was a treat!


And of course, Buster was there! He is my parents new child and he knows it! 😉


As usual the weekends are never long enough. Overall, it was a wonderful weekend filled with good times, laughs, family time and s’mores! Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and week!

2 thoughts on “Playing Catch Up: Part One

  1. So, today at work I discovered that I can view your blog from my computer. Yeah. Shane and Marybeth have two beautiful kids. I can hardly wait until you have your kids and Jonathan as well. Have a great week. Mom

  2. I look forward to it as well!

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