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Playing Catch Up: Part Two

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So another weekend has come and gone. Again… weekends go by way too fast!

Friday night Randy’s team had a potluck dinner at his co-worker’s house. Randy has been working with most of the same people for 5 years now. His team mates are not only his co-workers but our friends. We get together with his team regularly. For the past couple of years we have been going over to the same co-worker’s house and he has been building an amazing tree house for his children for the past two years now. He has now completed this daunting task and I think it has been worth the wait! It is so awesome! Seeing it’s process over the past two years has been fun! And this year we got to enjoy it ourselves!


treehousecollage kids&treehouse

Along with hanging out in the coolest tree house ever; we also played corn hole (in the dark) and pinball.

Saturday was the Employee Picnic for Randy and I. It was at the Mountain State Fair; which is pretty cool for a work function! Not only did we get into the fair for free but we also got a free lunch and ride tickets! Go Eaton! πŸ˜‰ It was a beautiful day.



And to add to all this fun, Starbucks’s Pumpkin Spice Latte came out! Woo Hoo! I am one happy girl!


Not only has Starbucks gotten the memo that fall is here, but Kilwins has too! Their pumpkin ice cream is not out yet… πŸ™ but their Apple Pie Ice Cream is! It is so good! Where has this ice cream been my whole life!? (sorry for the finger in the picture)


The rest of our weekend we spent hanging out on the front porch enjoying the beautiful weather. Even Aryana enjoyed it.


Hope everyone had a great weekend! Happy Hump Day Eve! πŸ˜‰

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