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Randy’s 28th Birthday Part 1

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So life has been crazy! After Valentine’s day I got bronchitis and have felt terrible for about 2 weeks! I am super excited for warmer weather to get here so all the germs will go away (I hope!) And I have been planning Randy’s birthday. And trying to do some spring cleaning on the side. I have been very busy!

As you all know, I love to entertain and celebrate just about everything! 🙂 So birthdays are a pretty big deal around here. For Randy’s birthday this year we had 3 parties/events!

Friday was his actual birthday, so I got up early and made him a pancake breakfast before going to work. I found a fantastic buttermilk pancake recipe on Pinterest. This one is definitely a keeper!


And I made sure that he had plenty of his favorite candy for the day!


gift and candy

I got him a moleskin wine journal, to help him keep up with all his favorites. His “big” present from me was a signed, first edition of the, long awaited for, sequel to the Stormlight Archives. We have been waiting (impatiently) for the second installment of this series. We were both so excited to get this book! (I warned you that we were uber nerds!)

For his birthday dinner we went out with our dear friends, the Heaters and their little girl, Tesslyn. Isn’t she the cutest thing ever? She is so cool! How many four-year olds do you know eat sushi?


She has the neatest chopsticks that are designed for little ones. They are called Edison chopsticks. I wonder if they make an adult version? Because I can’t use chopsticks! Not without getting frustrated and just start stabbing my food.


After dinner we went to The Hop, a locally owned ice cream shop. They serve Randy’s favorite, salted Carmel. They have very good ice cream, all handmade from ingredients from local farmers.

ice cream

We had a wonderful night with the Heaters. And I hope Randy had a wonderful birthday, filled with all the things he loves!

Stay tuned for his second birthday party!


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