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Randy’s 30th Birthday

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This past Monday, my sweet husband turned 30! I had planned to have a big party at our house with all of our friends and family, but we decided against it. It is hard to throw a party with a baby! 😉 Instead, we plan on having a wonderful night out, just the two of us, closer to my 30th birthday. But we celebrated a little bit for Randy’s birthday this past weekend. Since the weather has been so beautiful, we decided to take Ada on her first hike!



Had to take a little break. 🙂


She did really well in her backpack carrier at first. Then she cried and cried and cried. So we transferred her to the Ergo and she was happy again.

Isn’t that waterfall gorgeous?! I love where we live!


I carried her for a while in the Ergo, then we moved her back into the backpack without the sunshade and she was perfectly content with that. So I guess it was the sunshade that freaked her out. Either way, babies sure do keep you guessing! 😉

Back when it was just Randy and I hiking, we would just need our camelbacks. Now we have to bring the daypack and the backpack carrier (which has tons of storage too). Maybe we overpacked, but you have to bring a lot for a baby! Diapers, wipes, bottles, formula, extra clothes, pacifiers, toys – you get the picture! Although, I will admit, seeing little Sophie in the pack was pretty darn cute. But Ada was even cuter – looking so cool in her North Face hat.


Overall, I think Ada enjoyed it. She was just taking everything in – the trees, the waterfalls, the people, the sky. Turned out we didn’t need the toys to entertain her! 😉



To finish our day, we stopped by Oskar Blues Brewery. We enjoyed a cold one, while little Ada took a nap. She was tuckered out! Poor thing! She had a full day. 🙂


Happy 30th Birthday my love! Ada and I are the luckiest girls in the world! Thank you for everything you do for us. We love you so very much!

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