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Snow Day

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So we finally had a snow day here in Asheville! Woo Hoo!

After a two hour commute home from work, we finally got home to enjoy the snow!

I love how our house looks in the snow!

house in snow


us in snow


Tesla did not like being contained for this photo…


randy and tesla in snow


She wanted to run around us in circles… as you can see here (blurry picture).


tesla snow day


Randy spreading salt on our road. I played the role of supervisor. All that was missing was a cup of coffee! 😉


randy in snow


I think the best part of a snow day is the peace and quiet. After everyone rushes to get home, it seems like they all stay in their homes. That is when I like to get out and walk around. All you can hear are your footsteps crunching and the snow falling. It is the perfect time to stop and reflect. To marvel at God’s beautiful creation and works.




I hope everyone finds peace today, with or without the snow! 🙂 And I hope that you had time today to stop and enjoy the day!



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